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  1. In his opinion, a person is born incomplete. This is just a blank, a sketch that has yet to become a real person.

    First, any man is a camel. Just as this animal accumulates water for a long journey through the desert, it accumulates knowledge that is given to it by parents, society, school, religion and various life situations. The camel is guided based on this knowledge, the camel agrees with everything and does not question anything. He can only say “yes”. He lives in the past.

    When a person gets tired of saying “yes”, when he accumulates too many “no” s that he has been suppressing for so long, the camel turns upside down and becomes a lion.

    Lev denies everything. He absorbed all the knowledge and experience of society and past generations and realized that all this must be destroyed, because only on these ruins can he build a world where he will be happy. Leo is a revolutionary, he doesn't agree with anything. He can only say “no”. Leo lives in the future.

    When, after destroying everything, leo realizes that this path also did not lead to happiness, he turns over again and becomes a child.

    The child is not critical, he lives neither in the past nor in the future. He lives in the present. He has no need to destroy the past – he is free from it. It takes experience, but it's not bound by rules. He created his own truth and took responsibility for his life. Now he can create.

    99% of the people on earth are frozen in the camel stage. They unquestioningly follow the rules they learned as children and fully adopt the behavior model of their parents and teachers. It is too difficult to break out of this circle – it is very difficult to say “no”. Most people live in misery, accumulating the ” no ” in themselves and crushing it in themselves.

    Camels do not like people who have passed into the lion stage very much, because they violate the usual and calm order of life. They cause doubt, make you think. It's dangerous, it's too complicated. Throughout history, lions have been imprisoned, executed, and burned at the stake. Revolutionaries, writers, and poets are all lions. but leo is also unhappy, arriving in an eternal struggle.

    There are very few people who have reached the child stage. You can't see them-they just slip out of the shackles of society and don't live in it. These are people who simply build their happiness no matter what. they don't care about all the rules and prohibitions.

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