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  1. Maslow's pyramid is now outdated and lagged behind neurophysiology.

    Psychophysiologist, biophysicist and psychologist Pavel Vasilyevich Simonov suggested dividing biological needs into three groups: vital (vital for humans), zoosocial (intraspecific interaction of people), and self-development (directed to our future).

    Self-development needs-refer to ideal (spiritual) needs. Any person needs to improve and develop. It is the needs of self-development that stimulate us to research, arouse curiosity, and imitate (“do as…”, ” strive for…”).


    In general, I recommend watching all the lectures of Vyacheslav Dubynin about the brain and needs. For starters)

  2. If we start from the fact that a Person has a Higher nervous system, then everything that this system “does” and everything that is available to it is the source of all examples of higher needs. You can distinguish thinking, striving for knowledge of the world around you, taking care of your health, curiosity, creativity, communication… Even faith in mystical powers (God) is a need for many, although unnecessary, but it is due to the fact that a person does not have the opportunity to know everything in the world.

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