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  1. I can't motivate myself either. Sometimes relatives and friends almost succeed. I don't have one myself. I listen to them, understand, everything inside is shaking with hysteria.�

    I have a rough idea of what I want. How good I'll feel when I get it. It will be very difficult, but not as bad as it is now. I even understand somewhere how to build an algorithm of actions to move towards the goal.�

    But I don't have the strength. At all. Even for a week of superhuman effort to turn the boat in the other direction. For a maximum of 2-3 days. That's all. During this time, I don't have much time. And then I'll get stuck in this swamp again.�

    I see the way out as follows: 1. either find someone who succeeded, to see that people survive after that. 2. there is another bloodless way (not to change everything radically, but somehow gradually).

  2. Lol, but in any case, you will still sit out the ass of the computer. What do you want? So that we can write here how good life is and live well, so that everything is done for you, and you suddenly become motivated and go to the mountains? No. This is your life and it's not some ephemeral “motivation” that runs you, but YOU are now deciding what to do: sit at the computer and whine, or change the situation. Poor guy, we feel so sorry for you, he doesn't have enough motivation, wow, you have a problem. You've just decided that you're going to sit there and do nothing. And YOU just decided to ask this stupid question. Do you think that everyone ran to write to you at once, what a capable fellow you are and you will achieve everything? Do you think that everything is easy for other people and without any actions, and you, as luck would have it, are not lucky and “lack motivation”? Do you think you can shift the responsibility for your laziness and worthlessness to us, saying, well, I'm not a stupid asshole, I just wasn't motivated enough? Do you think that you can simply read some answer on zekveshchen without making an effort and become a super-hard worker in an instant? Do you think we're going to try to persuade you to pick up your tender point from the chair and try to achieve something? Fuck you, just sit there and do nothing, there's always a contender for your place, and if it's me, I don't want any competition.

  3. Hello! You see if you keep saying to yourself get up pull yourself together pull yourself together. Since you seem to have procrastination debugging your life for later although you understand but still do not act because you do not understand the underlying cause it is in the unconscious. you need to recognize the reason for the problem why you do not act and sit and delve into yourself and whine. If you are interested in the training on SVP by Yuri Burlan, you will understand the cause-and-effect relationships and understand the problem. And you will be able to understand the reason.

  4. And the implementation of this idea in your head will not change anything, this is not a program for a computer. You need to be kicked in the ass and “thrown into the sea”, especially if you can't swim. The motivation will be the desire to swim out and survive. Now, obviously, you are satisfied with the level at which you are, being does not bother you, so why did you decide that these are the best years of your life? It seems that you are tired, lacklustre at a young age, if you sit on your butt straight and go into such reasoning. You can't find a black cat in a dark room, especially if it's not there.

    Now for sybarites there is an extreme way of life-to take a loan from a bank and look for ways to get rid of it.

  5. God, man, do you really think anyone here is going to do something for you? Do you think people don't have enough to worry about and still need to work on making you a couch potato?
    He can continue to sit and drown in his own uselessness – no one owes you anything, just as you don't owe anyone anything. Sit back and look out the window at where the best days of your life are going – no one cares, it's just your business. No one will pull you by the hands, remain nobody, wait for the “finest hour”. All people will only benefit if you do nothing and achieve-we will get more of all the benefits that you would claim. So sit on, we'll only benefit from your inaction. Greetings from the successful side of life!

  6. While you sit still, someone else devours your opportunities.

    As long as you sit still,your time is running out and opportunities are running out,you will never be able to do it except now.

    As long as you sit still,you become more and more lazy. If right now you get up and do it,then right now you will get off the ground.

    Oh yes, while you're sitting still, your friends and former classmates are making a living for themselves. You're the best and you should be bigger/cooler/brighter/better than everyone else,right?

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