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  1. Of course I can.

    First, after graduating from the Institute, I want to get a job in my specialty (I study at the Institute of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, my specialty is technical, but I really don't want to get into law).

    Secondly, go on a trip around the world.

    Third, I want to get a dog. Always dreamed of her.))

    1. Find a person with whom I can travel all over the world, and travel, along the way, keep a blog with high-quality photos (so you need to learn how to take pictures) and colorful descriptions.

    2. Have time to do whatever you want to do. For example, now I try to combine excellent studies at the gymnasium, studying English at the Advanced level, training in athletics, immersion in programming and CHGK. I hope that in the future everything will be just as good for me.

    3. Love the things that I will do throughout my life.

    4. Create a school where children will develop their abilities for science, as well as applied knowledge (sewing, repairing something, the ability to defend themselves, etc.) and sports will be of no small importance.

    5. Visit the concert of OneRepublic and Bi-2!!!

  2. They slide and change, but now

    1. Buy a double bass and learn to play it yourself.

    2. Learn Irish and Hebrew.

    3. Have a Welsh Corgi and Maine Coon.

    4. Become the winner of a cool literary award…

  3. 1. Flight into space (quite feasible)

    2. play a musical instrument on the street in the summer (if I don't get lazy, I'll pick up my repertoire by next summer)

    3. samoyed

    4. own a store in the city center�

    In general, the main thing is to dream, turn dreams into goals and achieve your goals! And also to cope with laziness 😂

    1. Get a New Zealand visa;

    2. Go to the shooting of a Hollywood blockbuster, see how it's going;

    3. Get an apartment under construction as soon as possible;

    4. Get a dog.

    1. Own apartment. A place that I can call home and that will be my refuge.

    2. Travel and languages. The more I study and drive, the better.

    3. A job I love.

  4. 1) Own (just own, not rented) apartment in Europe

    2) Travel all over Southeast Asia and Oceania, live in an Indian ashram

    3) One day discover a new species of fish or algae and become famous, even if only among scientists

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