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  1. Oleg Gert ” Listen, O wolves!”, 2020…

    I understand how this sounds )), but first, why not recommend your own book, which was a success, and secondly, “Wolves” meets both of your conditions.

    There are plenty of good books about thinking outside the box in stores, written from a purely theoretical perspective. There are enough books that have applied value, but do not give a non-standard view. “Wolves” just reveals the essence of the processes taking place in modern life, from a point of view that is not obvious to most people…

  2. Quantum Psychology-Robert A. Wilson
    Lateral Thinking -Edward de Bono
    Not standard thinking -Edward de Bono
    There are also Courses for developing thinking -the same Edward de Bono

  3. Hello, perhaps Julia Cameron, “The Artist's Way”, will suit you. It's about uncovering creative thinking=)

    “This book is a hands-on course designed for 12 weeks of daily training that helps a novice (advanced) creator (any of us) to discover and awaken new, sometimes unexpected talents.”

    But maybe you asked a little bit about something else

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