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  1. The wisest, and therefore saddest, hero of the book is Ecclesiastes. The Book of Ecclesiastes is part of the Old Testament of the Bible. Personally, I have never read anything wiser from a worldly and philosophical point of view. The wisdom of Ecclesiastes applies to all situations in life and to all everyday conflicts. It practically explains EVERYTHING!

    • J.Heller. Something Happened/Дж.Heller. Something's happened.(translated by R. Oblonskaya) Moscow, 1978 (21+) Book about zombie (capitalist beastRoom at the top) gaining height and weight in America, which did not live to see 11.09.2001 and many other things in our glorious days (when any fool knows what stands for “)”). A well-fed, prosperous family living in a well-fed and prosperous country. “What makes your heart stop?” (B. Okudzhava) Probably from what stands between the brackets in this novel: zombie (capitalist beast) has the courage and intelligence to look at yourself from the inside and from the outside. �
    • Otechnik or a short collection of sayings of the Holy Fathers about Christian life, compiled on the basis of the works of Bishop Ignatius (Bryanchaninov) (1996). I will quote one of the sayings of an unnamed elder: “The three powers of Satan precede all sins: the first is forgetfulness, the second is negligence, and the third is sinful lust. From forgetfulness comes negligence, from negligence comes criminal lust; a person who is carried away by sinful lust falls.”
    • Prayers of Metropolitan Anthony of Sourozh. Moscow, Nikea Publishing House, 2017.
    • Schiigumen Savva. In addition to the general prayer book. Medicine for the soul, Moscow, 2003. Both prayers open our clenched mouths and help us become heroes in our own stories.
    • T. Mann. The Magic Mountain, Moscow, St. Petersburg, 1994 (translated by V. V. Shishkin).Kurella and V. Stankevich).
      Hans Castorp isn't as smart as the other main characters around him, but that makes me feel more like him than anything else. Just the thought of being able to spend a few hours with Settembrini or Peperkorn again warms my heart.

    I am also pleased that next to this two-volume book on the bookshelf are::

    • L. Stern. Sentimental trip to France and Italy;
    • A. I. Kuprin. The duel;
    • A. P. Chekhov. The Duel;
    • Alain. Judgments.
    • O. Bergholz. No one is forgotten, and nothing is forgotten. Saint Petersburg, Azbuka-Atticus Publ., 2016
    • A. Volodin. Notes from a drunk person.
    • E. Ryazanov. Poems. Moscow, Eksmo, 2019
  2. The Karamazov brothers. In fact, all the main characters there are wise in their own way, especially Elder Zosima and Alyosha Karamazov.�

    Pysy. Conan Doyle's wise Sherlock Holmes with Watson has never been canceled😀

  3. I recommend you the book “The Brave Adventures of Soldier Schweik” by Yaroslav Hasek. Perhaps from the first pages you will tell me that this is not what you asked for, but quite the opposite. But if you read the book and try to analyze what you read, you will at least be satisfied. The book itself is interesting and fun, and the wisdom is everyday and simple, just as it should be.
    You can also read “the state” by Plato. It's about Socrates ' dialogues with other philosophers, where they build a model of an ideal state.

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