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  1. So, well, first of all, from what is publicly available on YouTube.

    Andrey Zaliznyak – he was generally one of the coolest linguists of our time. There are quite a lot of his lectures on YouTube. You can start with the lectures “On the Veles Book” and “On amateur linguistics”.

    Alexander Markov is an evolutionary biologist. Again, there are a lot of cool lectures on YouTube. Well, the books he has are very cool, which is really there.

    Stanislav Drobyshevsky Is an Anthropologist. He has a rather specific and rather imaginative and somewhat ironic style of presentation. It is interesting to listen not only to what he says, but also how exactly he does it.

    In English:

    Richard Feynman is one of the greatest physicists of the 20th century. The fact that his lectures were recorded 40-50 years ago is not a big problem. Because Feynman's lectures are legendary.

    Walter Lewin is another legendary physics lecturer. Former MIT professor. Well, yes, on YouTube there are recordings of MIT lectures from Levin. Real MIT physics lecture courses. In the public domain.

    Sean Carroll – Again a physicist (but what is it?). Quite a well-known popularizer of theoretical physics. Mostly about particles, quantum field theory, etc. The author of very interesting books (I honestly don't know what they translated into Russian). A very peculiar man.

    Well, to get to the pile, there is also the Crash Course project, there are rather superficial courses of school-level lectures on chemistry, physics, biology, computer science, anatomy, astronomy and even a bunch of all sorts of humanities. Quite useful if some of this was forgotten/missed at school. You can find them here.

    Still have not quite lectures, but rather a new format of training vlogging, like Science Asylum (the theory of relativity, in a half-joking the format “from the mad scientist” at least in mathematics), Fermilab (the same content, but a hardened lecturer and a derivation of equations, and I understand it really from Fermilab), PBS Space Time (popular astrophysics), Mathologer(fairly abstract mathematics), 3Blue1Brown (there are like abstract mathematics, and a pretty cool series on introduction to calculus and linear algerba) and still full of Goodies in all disciplines.

    Well, by the way, YouTube channels with the PBS prefix are almost always high-quality educational (although at the school/post-school level) and open content. PBS is mostly funded by American taxpayers, so�

    As for the commercial lectures, from what I personally liked very much:

    Biology: The Science of Life – a course of 72 lectures on biology. Lectures here are just VERY cool. To date, they are already slightly outdated, but not critical. The lectures pay a lot of attention not just to what we know, but also to HOW we know it. Discovery stories, experimental designs. Very exciting.

    Mysteries of Modern Physics: Time, The Higgs Boson and Beyond-Lectures from the aforementioned Sean Carroll.

    Well, something like that. This is just what I remembered right away, in fact. There is much more to it, of course.

  2. I am delighted with the lectures of Sofya Zalmanovna Agranovich – the coolest specialist in the field of folklore studies. From her lectures, you can learn about the roots of many superstitions common in our society, the most basic mythological plots and (as for me – the most interesting) the sacred meaning of these very plots. After these lectures, you begin to look at folk and author's works with a completely different view.

  3. As for natural science areas.
    1. General Physics. Short videos with experiments in physics – V. I. Gervids on the NRU MIPT channel – https://www.youtube.com/user/NRNUMEPhI/playlists -suitable for schoolchildren, I think
    2. Quantum Mechanics – Gerstein S. S. – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Oq5JBATFHEk&list=PLzZPcCojoi_UmsYk1b1Cnv3EgjUC-ZrG – (there are more lectures on field theory in this playlist, whether you want to watch it or not), here you need training in linear algebra, complex numbers and TFCP, integral and differential calculus.
    3. Higher Algebra – N. A. Vavilov – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bIW4g6NhmnM&list=PL-_cKNuVAYAWNayB696aQFTPcP6HiIC1c – you can watch it even if you don't have any university mathematical training.

    As for literature, I once reviewed all the programs of Dmitry Bykov “Open Lesson”, where he talks about Russian literature. This is awesome, link to the channel – �https://www.youtube.com/user/otkrytyurok

  4. A little more admiration for Drobyshevsky.) If we talk about lecturers on the history of Antiquity, then it is worth highlighting A.V. Strelkov, he will surely appeal to anyone, his audio recordings are on the Web, in particular, in the VK.

  5. Jordan Peterson. Conducts incredible lectures and gives really good answers and food for the mind. He is from Canada (Calgary), but is also a very popular media personality throughout North America. Recently (in January) released the book “12 Rules of Life: An Antidote to Chaos” (or something like that in Russian should be I xs).

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  7. In addition to the above answers:

    Andrey Makarov-lectures on philosophy, communication methods, and art history. I really like the way he conducts a dialogue with the audience. This dialogue teaches almost more than the lecture itself https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QuwtUsYcYC0

    Alexandra Barkova is a specialist in folklore, very interesting lectures. Many lectures on the mythology of the Slavs and nearby peoples, lectures on the mythology of Ireland.

    Sergey Savelyev is a leading brain specialist in Russia, and his approach and view of the brain differs from that of his foreign colleagues. There are a lot of videos with him not only about the brain, but also about the technique of photography, and on social topics.

  8. Personally, I really like lectures on philosophy from HSE lecturer Kirill Martynov. Especially his speeches on stoicism.

    If you are interested in social sciences and politics, try watching Ekaterina Shulman's lectures. She is a Candidate of Political Sciences and an associate professor at the RANEPA.

  9. Radio Everypony Ru also known as pony radio. Under the unformatted and stupid dedication to the my little pony universe, interesting lectures and debriefings on history and religious studies are hidden.

    Consilium medicum is already a professional resource for medical professionals with analyses, treatment tactics, and reviews of scientific articles. Alarm, here you will be asked for information about your medical education.

  10. My top three:

    Stanislav Drobyshevsky-anthropology, anthropogenesis.

    I don't know their names-streams about countries and their history. There are some about historical countries.

    Alexey Savvateev – mathematics, vyshmat, matanalysis.

    A couple more channels with short interesting lectures on various topics:

    Post-science – on different topics, different famous lecturers, video 7-15 minutes usually.

    Arzamas – it will be interesting for fans of the humanities. Also different lecturers.

  11. Lectures by Professor Evgeny Zharinov on history, literature, philosophy, culture and so on. There is also such a program as Mazes. The secret history of music with Evgeny Zharinov and Irina Klenskaya is here

    Lectures by Professor Zubov on religious studies, history, cultural studies, political science, etc.�

    Andrey Konchalovsky on art, history, and culture.

    Edvard Radzinsky – his amazing reflections, stories about history in such a unique style. And although as a historian he is not particularly recognized, they laugh, his manner of presenting the material is unsurpassed.�
    Radzinsky's speech at the Federation Council

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