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  1. Giving advice on ethical literature is a thankless task, especially for me, an atheist, materialist, and a proponent of sociocultural relativism in the study of the history of ethics. But I still recommend comparing the following opinions::
    1. Frans de Waal, books on primate morality.
    2. Drobnitsky. The concept of morality. A historical sketch of ideas about morality from a Marxist point of view.
    3. Max Weber. Protestant ethics and the spirit of capitalism. An example of an analysis of religious ethics from the point of view of its impact on the economy.
    4. Maria Ossovskaya. The knight and the bourgeois. Comparison of the morals of social classes in the context of their historical development.
    This is a light level actually. If you are ready to intensively gnaw philosophy, that is, the hard level (you can read in parallel with light):
    1. Theodore Adorno. Lectures on moral philosophy.
    2. Kant's books (in their entirety and sequentially, to trace the evolution of thought).
    3. Moore. Principles of ethics.
    4. Fromm. Have or be and other books on the subject.
    Well, remember that the topic is actually inexhaustible. What I have suggested is basically atheism and Christianity. And there is also an Islamic tradition, a Buddhist one, etc.

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