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  1. The question is extremely broad. Perhaps the adequate answer is university textbooks.�

    But one good one (great!) I'll definitely tell you the latest book: Rita Carter “How the brain works”, Moscow: AST: CORPUS, 2015. – Given that you are studying in high school, and at the same time you have an interest in the topics indicated in the question, the book is a one-hundred-percent hit!

    Smart, encyclopedic, beautifully published, written in excellent language: very clear, interesting – and at the same time without any “reduction in the level” of scientific knowledge.

    It is also insanely pleasant to hold in your hands.

    They also managed to publish it with the participation of the Dmitry Zimin Dynasty Foundation, which our crazy president (sorry) declared a “foreign agent”, which Dmitry Borisovich spat on and closed the foundation. – And this (“Dynasty”) is a separate quality mark: they have published over the years a lot of first-class popular science literature of the highest analysis.

    In short, you're in Moscow, aren't you? – if I bought it in Arkhangelsk a couple of months ago, you will definitely find it on the shelves of bookshelves right now. We have it 850 rubles., I think you have about the same.

  2. Books by S. V. Savelyev. Despite all the criticism in his direction, I did not find any clear refutations of his theories. Although he doesn't consider psychology a science at all, so your question is really too broad.

  3. Dick Swaab “We are our brain”, a very interesting book I read it when I was in the 1st year of medical school, the book is written clearly and interestingly, but you need to have basic ideas and knowledge. An untrained audience will definitely like it.

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