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  1. I will advise not literature, but the YouTube channel of a very experienced person who understands a lot of problems on the topic of relationships, communication, etc.

    I believe that it is better to hear and see the person who tells you this.

    Maxim Divertito Channel

  2. Girls are different. Personally, when I flipped through the books from the “how to communicate with girls” series, I was at a loss, because these are very unviable tips. Some tips are disgusting in themselves, and some are not suitable for certain people.

    In general, the advice about Darcy is not so bad, at least in that you can learn some things from fiction. The main thing is to choose something suitable for yourself and for the type of girls that attracts you. Well, perhaps you should be able to relax. Do not deliberately pull on the impressiveness, namely to relax. But this is a whole science. I'll learn – maybe I'll tell you how =)

  3. I recommend Googling 3 authors:

    • Leil Lowndes
    • Charlie Hupert
    • Patrick King
      I recommend starting with Leil Lowndes ' books “How to Talk to Anyone and about Anything” and “Hidden Sexual Signals”.
  4. #1 Eric von Markowick “The Mystery Method”

    I put this book in the first place by a huge margin from all the others. This man is a pioneer in the modern pickup truck. Each passage is a storehouse of useful information. Despite the fact that the author is Canadian, the basic principle of seducing girls is the same everywhere. Especially since Alex Leslie, for all his credit, “borrowed” half the book from Mystery itself. The book will be useful both from the point of view of theory and attitude to seduction, and from the point of view of specific techniques and techniques. In general, I recommend it.

    #2 Egor Sheremetyev “The man in hot demand”

    It is very easy to read. High-quality information for beginners who want to start working in pickup as naturally as possible. Without any abstruse and hard exercises. Yegor explains a simple and understandable theory of the pickup truck and gives examples from his personal life. Also in the book you can find many practical exercises to perform in the fields.

    #3 David X “Be Cruel”

    A very peculiar style of presentation and outlook on life. But all the more interesting to read. The author professes a rigid style of behavior with girls at the expense of a minimum of time and energy. Sometimes, from my point of view, it goes too far. But for the general development and borrowing of some installations and techniques, the book will be very useful. After all, it is not necessary to take everything at face value. You should sometimes treat information from a critical point of view and take for yourself what your heart is more about.

    #4 Alex Leslie, “Life without Underpants”

    The book of the legendary and scandalous Russian author Alex Leslie. Despite the fact that half of the theory is “stripped off” from the “Mystery Method”, Leslie still brought a lot of his own and adapted it to our realities. Suitable for those who do not feed bread-let them get sharp emotions. The exercises that the author suggests to do are quite tough and difficult to perform. And they won't suit everyone, despite Leslie's insistence to the contrary. If you are a beginner and want to take the first steps, I recommend starting with another book. And “Life without panties” will be useful for those who are already more or less decently acquainted with girls and want to move on, expand the scope and boundaries of dating, and in general reality.

    #5 Vis Vitalis ” Woman. Where's her button?”

    The book is more likely not on pickup, but on the psychology of girls. From it, you can learn a lot about the principles of female behavior, how to avoid all the sharp corners in communicating with girls, and how they can use men for their own purposes. In addition to the books directly on the pickup truck, this information will be very useful.

    After reading all the five books described above, you will have a clear picture about dating girls, the right attitude to a pickup truck, the pitfalls in this topic, and much more.

    How do I read these books?

    I don't recommend reading books one after another. So the information will turn into mush, and it will be of little use. The right thing to do is: choose one book, read it thoughtfully. As soon as you find something useful for yourself, try to go out into the field and put it into practice. After all, why are we given this theory? In order to finally put the acquired knowledge into practice. Do not dream about how you will read all the books and become a pick-up guru. This is not going to happen. We need to do everything gradually and make real efforts. Only theory combined with practice will give the desired result. Good luck!

  5. The best book you can find on this topic is Models by author Mark Manson (who wrote The Subtle Art of Not Caring).�

    The book was not translated into Russian, unfortunately, so I throw a link to the English version.

    Read a book

    The author teaches you to master your sensual part in order to find common ground, but at the same time teaches you to be brutally honest with a woman (if you are focused on a healthy lifestyle, and she is an alcoholic, then you just leave the date, because nothing will come of it anyway).

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