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  1. Chichikov is a modern rich man who makes money from scratch, dodging and looking for profit wherever possible. Is it possible to call him a middle link or a bright personality? I think it is in the middle, between these two definitions. Do you remember the description of it? “…not handsome, but not bad-looking either, neither too fat nor too thin; not exactly old, but neither too young…”That's his nature. Not too average, but it doesn't shine either.

  2. Chichikov is a special type of Russian person,a kind of “hero of time”, whose soul is “enchanted by wealth”.. In the pursuit of capital, he loses the concept of decency, the thirst for profit kills the best human qualities in him. Chichikov with unbridled energy strives to achieve his goal, he is quirky and cunning, has the ability to penetrate the most secret corners of people's minds.How can such a person be called a middle-level person ? Pay attention to his detailed biography in the last chapter, NV. Gogol does not accidentally place it in the work,so he wants to emphasize the importance and uniqueness of this image. A middle-level person can be called Akaky Akakievich from “Overcoat”, but not Chichikov.

  3. Absolutely average, which Gogol constantly writes about. For me, Chichikov is the character who is the catalyst. The author looks at and writes Russia through the eyes of an ordinary person of an average hand. The subject of his purchases allows you to better consider the life and customs of that time. Chichikov's uniqueness would just kill the piece. The author would be forced to write much more about him than about what he shows us through him.

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