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  1. This is the same as “Hard times give birth to strong people”, when a person is happy, he does not need anything, and only when a person suffers there is motivation to take out their suffering and somehow move to change the situation

  2. It seems to me that any art has a sexual basis. I often discussed this topic with friends and we agreed on this opinion. Lovers begin to write poetry, and they have not written it before. 90 percent of the songs are about love. Well, just what do you feel when you like music? About the same feeling as when falling in love. The painting of fine art stands firmly on the image of nudity. Moreover, this is noticeable among all peoples of all continents. By the way, have you noticed that there are a lot of creative talents among gay people? That's because they have more sexual problems. In general, there are a lot of examples and proofs. I once learned to play guitar because of a girl. Then it turned out that I wasn't the only one. The same thing happens with pipes and flutes.

  3. This is not entirely true, not for all creators this statement is true, all sources of inspiration are different. So, for example, the most productive period of Pushkin's work fell on Boldinsky autumn-the pre-wedding season, and the poet at that time was overwhelmed by a variety of feelings – from confusion to a state of complete mental balance. The most important inspiration for Chekhov, as he admitted, was a trip to Sakhalin, a long-awaited trip. Dostoevsky wrote The Gambler in only a month (a rather short time for him) under pressure from the threat of losing his fee, simultaneously falling in love with the stenographer who typed this novel.

    I hope there is no doubt that the results of these writers ' activities are art. As in the fact that the sources of their inspiration were things both happy and not so much.

  4. You're right about something) That art is born out of grief. But it's hard to accept the idea that only from him.�
    People have a craving for art, for expressing their thoughts, feelings and emotions, and always will (greetings to cavemen). A person is engaged in art for one simple reason: because he can't help himself.And then everything depends on the time, place and mass of circumstances.
    Perhaps the fact is that there is more grief in life than joy. And art reflects life) one way or another.

  5. A person's life is full of various emotions, which, if he is not an empath or psychologist, sometimes can not correctly understand. When a creative person composes poetry or music, paints a picture or a literary work, presenting his feelings to the public as a litmus test, he simultaneously checks his emotions: and whether this is true, and what is the strength of the impression depends on that. the deeper the suffering , the brighter the talent – the more popular the product of the Master.That's why, especially in the old days, there are so many dramatic works. After all, the dramatic plot is in tune with the audience's reaction. But “never” is too strong a word. There are some very light, simply pastoral things that were not even close to grief and grief. Yet drama prevails in importance.

  6. I fully agree with his statement ..But I can't say that this is the case for everyone.

    When it's hard for me ,I want to express myself in my own work .. If you're happy ..then I don't even write about my good emotions and impressions in my diary .

  7. Grief is a loss, a state in which a person thinks about his life, experiences, scrolls in his head the surging thoughts, where he needs to be alone, to be alone. At these moments, the brain begins to additionally develop thoughts, images, and perhaps spodvergaet a person to create something that will contain all this. In my youth, most of my poems were written after experiencing love problems, separations, misunderstandings, and quarrels… But in joy, a person mostly enjoys, without thinking, the maximum can share joy, but by the way, and joyful works can create, but probably not as deep as in the moment of suffering… Therefore, the real taste of food can be appreciated only when you feel hungry, and real joy can be understood after grief!

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