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  1. You have confused hedonists with materialists, and materialists with atheists. If I were paid a ruble for every time I pointed out this mistake to people, I would have already saved up several thousand.

    Nothing prevents a person from being a materialist in the sense of the primacy of matter in nature and at the same time having ideals. There is nothing to prevent a person from being an idealist in the sense of the primacy of ideas over matter, and yet having no ideals and being interested solely in the pleasures of the flesh. You simply can't imagine the whole variety of worldviews created by the human mind, so you suffer from nonsense.

  2. A communist can be an atheist, or a believer…

    A believing communist can lay down his life for a communist idea not because he hopes for the Kingdom of God, but because he hopes for its victory in life…

    I strongly recommend reading a simple logic textbook: it will help you understand the categories of general and particular, premise and inference, subject and predicate. This will allow you to put things in order in your head, and understand many questions, including the one that you asked…)

  3. If ideological values outweigh the values of existence, then it can die. What is the problem? An atheist has no code for what to live and die for, what to consider the main value. This he determines for himself-based on existential attitudes.

    You don't even have to be a bearer of public ideas and beliefs. Often, just a successful business or a favorable attitude of some person becomes a need-a condition for its existence as such. Something he can't live without. Hence – the phenomenon of suicide, the willingness to die for what is closest and most important.

  4. Well, it's something like: “two deaths will not happen,and one will not be avoided.” What difference does it make when you die, by and large? And so there is a chance to die with a sense of self-importance and significance, and they can also dig up with honor, which they did not see during their lifetime.

  5. Well, let's just say that no one will die for anything, that is, if Communist X is sitting on the couch, and then you come to him with an offer to die for the world revolution, then he will not go to die for it. It all depends on the context and on the degree of fanaticism, moral attitudes about seeing the ideal self, etc. This is faith, and dying for the idea is like a personal war between you and the whole world. In general, we need to dig from afar: who and for what reasons joins the ranks of volunteers to die or destroy in the name of something. Having received their psychological profile, you can already understand much more about the reasons that drive such people.
    Well, the fact that atheists… It doesn't matter what you believe in life, the main thing is what is in your head right before the face of death. You know, believers also do not have a 100% guarantee that there is something after death, but they also die safely and kill for the idea. In this case, this is not the main characteristic of a communist or a believer. The main thing is why he is ready to destroy for the sake of his idea, which, in fact, has no iron foundation. In general, there is a very entertaining book about mass movements on the topic of who, when and why becomes a participant in such movements. It's called “A Man of Conviction,” by Hoffer. If you're really interested, read it. As a former communist, I confirm 85% of everything that is written there.

  6. Because he believes that such actions will be correct, that's the whole answer to the question why.

    And it doesn't matter if he is a communist or a believer, just a person is convinced that this is the way to act in this particular situation. The only difference is that the atheist usually realizes that everything is over for him personally, and the believer expects some further interaction with God.

  7. Because he believes that this just cause is really worth dying for, even if you will never be reborn in any form later. A decent death, in my opinion.

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