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  1. Yes to health: promotional games in any case cause less damage to health than alcohol/smoking/drugs/promiscuity. The main thing-do not forget to eat and go to the push during gaming, otherwise, you know, there were precedents, especially for some reason in Asia.

    Here is another nuance: promotional games create the illusion of active living of life. You sit on a pro-buggy high chair and sort of achieve what's on your life (unless you're a professional gamer-athlete) not reflected from the word “nothing”. No matter how many frags you shoot, you're still sitting on a high chair. But it's your choice. The main thing is not to regret later and not to fight in hysteria for “aimlessly lived years”, as one character in Soviet literature put it.

  2. There is nothing wrong with spending your whole life in the game, I'll tell you even more, many people earn it and earn quite well by the way (prof. gamers, commentators, streamers, etc.). The only drawback is that real life passes by, and it is much more realistic than computer life and much more interesting if you play it well.

  3. There is no difference between the virtual and real world. Even more than that, people who feel bad in the real world, they usually feel bad in games as well. They are not able to have the simplest psychological resistance online against haters and trolls, as well as a rather lousy skill. And those who feel normal in real life, are socially adapted, and everything goes in a bundle online. So the answer is the same. Learn the art of living fast, and it doesn't matter where you learn it, online or on the street. As for games, this is a good and worthy hobby, just like any other. For example, if a guy disappears in an auto repair shop 20 hours a day and digs in oil and hardware-he is a genius car mechanic, and if a person codes and plays games, is he a nerd? Well, that's nonsense.

  4. Here you spend time in virtual reality, but you also have to serve your body, and your home, computer with the Internet at the same time. And there are people who help you with this, doing boring work: plowing the field, growing vegetables, baking bread, maintaining power plants, utilities, and sewers. They certainly do it for your (including) money. But do you do anything for these people ? How fairly do you think you got this money ? If you've done something exceptional for society that should support you for the rest of your life, like inventing the steam engine, that's one thing. And if you got the money from your parents, or through some kind of speculation, then this is something like using slave labor. You understand that the capitalist system is not entirely fair. For better understanding, imagine that you can live for a million years. And you have a million years ' supply of money. Or even indefinitely, because in a capitalist system, capital generates capital. So people work to serve you, and in return you don't help them make their existence easier, but simply take advantage of the fruits of their labor. If this is normal for you, because you “can”, then this is the same point of view as a maniac who commits his crimes with innocent people, simply because he “can”, because he put the knife in his pocket in advance and therefore is in a more favorable position relative to the victim. Well, who said that everything is fair in nature ? If everything is OK for you in this regard, then there don't seem to be any problems with living in the virtual world, except for a couple of difficulties. First, it is difficult to look into the eyes of discerning people with high moral standards. Second, the game, like life, is temporary. The stronger the attachment, the greater the suffering when it all ends. Well, the third: who knows what happens after death, and what if there really is some kind of retribution for deeds. And you have ridden all your life on the back of the working proletariat… The outcome may be unpleasant. But maybe there is nothing there, then you can breathe easy.

  5. ..they represent a different reality

    Another reality is like the “sturgeon of the second freshness” from the famous novel by M. Bulgakov.

    “The second fresh sturgeon was sent,” the steward said.
    “My dear fellow, this is nonsense!
    – What nonsense?
    — �The second freshness is nonsense! There is only one freshness — the first, and it is also the last. And if the sturgeon is second fresh, it means that it is rotten!”

    There is only one reality – everything else is an illusion, a word that translates from Latin as delusion, deception. This is the bad thing – that a person is given life as a kind of mystical and existential experience of knowing the true reality, and instead he shies away from this task. We can say that in some sense, gambling addiction is an “escape”, an escape from life to death, to sleep, to the world of dreams, an incorrect solution to the problem of determining the meaning and its purpose. This is for example how to crack nuts with an iPhone – in principle, you can, but it is intended for something completely different.

  6. Human consciousness is a tool for reconstructing the external world. The senses send signals to the brain, and there a picture of the world is built up. This is the same virtual reality as in games. When a person serves themselves, they play the Sims. When he gets a pet, he plays Tamagotchi. When he earns money, he plays an economic simulator. When he is engaged in self-development, he plays RPGs. When he communicates, he plays MMO.

    There's nothing wrong with games as long as they don't become an object of addiction. Now, if a person feels that he has lost his freedom, does not control his actions because of games, like the mouse that cried, pricked, but continued to gnaw the cactus, then this is already a signal that it is time to return to balance. And to do this, you can rearrange the words in places. Not to live in a game, but to play in life. That is, to enjoy life as a game. Moreover, in life and the resolution of graphics is much larger, nothing slows down, and there are constantly seven and a half billion people online, you can come up with a lot of interesting collective activities. Yes, the levels are difficult and you can't save them, but that's why there's more fun than moving pixels.

  7. “An illusion is disgusting because it will end sometime.”
    � This is what I see as the main problem with spending your life in a computer game, especially with the mediocre level of modern technology. Someday, when you get tired of the game, you will start to notice the purposefulness and so on. Although most likely you will run out of money, and you will be disconnected from the Internet. Look around, and you will understand that all the polymers were spent, and the opportunity to fully return to the real world is lost.
    � Such cases.

  8. This is your �choice. He is ” no worse “than everyone else. Play and don't listen to anyone))I'll even join you, but don't get distracted))Playing is the most natural activity for a person.

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