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  1. To understand what consciousness is, you first need to understand how the brain works.

    The principle of brain function was studied by the Russian scientist Pavlov, yes, he discovered not only reflexes, but also the mechanisms of inhibition and arousal.

    This is how the subconscious mind works.

    All animals that have a sufficiently developed brain have a subconscious mind.

    As for consciousness, only humans have it.


    Let's find out what consciousness is and why only humans have it.

    People talk to each other and, most strangely, to themselves.

    What happens when a person hears another person's speech or their own inner voice?

    The same processes of inhibition and excitation.

    We control our subconscious mind, and then our behavior through speech.

    There will be no speech, there will be no consciousness, that is, the mechanism through which our brain receives additional signals of inhibition or arousal.

    Speech evokes certain associations in our subconscious mind and helps us predict the future, i.e. what will happen if we act one way or another, what will be the consequences, evaluate these consequences in advance, and then act, i.e. to commit or not to commit any act.

    Some of our actions are honed and say: “I did it subconsciously,” and some require careful thought and discussion.

    This is possible only thanks to speech, i.e. such a level of abstraction when the action has not yet been performed, and we are able to present the result, describe it in all its details, and make a decision.

    Now decide for yourself what consciousness is and whether anyone else has it.

  2. Consciousness gives us the opportunity to interact with the world around us in different ways. For example, you can train your mind and put it into practice. There are two ways to apply consciousness (reason) that came to my mind – to be smart in practical terms: to know such things as: wiring, paying meters, laying tiles, buying good vegetables and fruits at the market, etc.To do this, you need to discard all speculative theories and comprehend life here and now, i.e. learn useful skills, apply them and gain life experience.

    The second possibility is to be intelligent in terms of speculative reasoning, which always allows you to think about something or discuss something (religion, miracles, metaphysics, social theories). To do this, you can read interesting and accessible books: for example, the synthesis of philosophy and fiction.

  3. Consciousness is what helps me subjectively evaluate, analyze, and respond to changes in the real world and my body in particular.

    With the help of consciousness, I can regulate my life and adapt to the surrounding reality, and possibly manipulate it. Who knows? Who knows?

  4. This is the habit of living beings to distinguish from the feeling of the host organism essential for the life of the creature and forming from these fragments of impressions a set of conventions in the presented “picture of reality” – to perform certain actions in it, using conventional signs to communicate with their own kind in order to increase the effectiveness of interaction, as well as for many other leisure activities…

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