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    As far as I can see , courage has a lot to do with the social , political and just cultural attitudes that prevail in society. For example, if you take the 40s of the twentieth century. In Soviet society , the ideas of collectivism, unity ( at least from propaganda posters) and “there are no irreplaceable people” prevailed-hence the rather simple attitude to life and death (naturally, this does not detract from the difficult situation in which the whole world was located , and that heroism could often be dictated by a clear awareness that your relatives , friends , etc.were behind you).

    Or consider more ancient times , for example, the nineteenth century-duels in which honor was put above life, the Decembrists exiled to Siberia .

    Now, for me personally, it is obvious that human life is inviolable and is the highest standard , which has not been so for a long time , and it is quite logical to try to preserve this life.

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  2. I believe that courage (bravery, self-sacrifice) is characteristic of absolutely all generations. Why? Yes, because what are generations? These are people. Each person by nature is most often capable of displaying high feelings, striving for high ideals, taking risks, and being bold. And always the bold lead the less bold.

    Altruism is inherent in our nature. Even in the days of the primitive communal system, people knew that it was necessary to help each other, to sacrifice something in order for the tribe to continue its existence. Clashes occurred every year, every month. And the tribe with more cohesive and courageous people survived. Being banished from the tribe is a person's greatest fear. Serving your own people is a long-standing and natural need.

    This is confirmed by history. From Kulikovo field to the Great Patriotic War… You can take absolutely all periods of history. Courage has always been, and always will be, as long as we are human beings and everything is built on competition. There are no ” bad ” generations.

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