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  1. I remember we had a big debate on this topic and came to the conclusion that laziness is still a way for the body not to do useless actions for it .. if a person does not need to do this for some reason, try to think not why you need to do this, but why you are lazy … let's say you are happy to go for a walk with some friends, but with others you do not like at all..
    I mean, you need to look for a reason, otherwise you just don't have the strength to step over yourself and force yourself , it's like with parties , I drank all night , and then you need to go somewhere, you can force it… but it will not work out if you drink every night carouse every night for a month, it will not be possible to raise yourself .

  2. I have this solution.

    Just take it and do it, without unnecessary reasoning.

    Real-life example: I was engaged in athletics for almost 9 years. In the morning, I had to run cross-country, in different phases of preparation, sometimes every day, sometimes every other day. If you take into account the first couple at the university at 8: 30, then in order to run, for example, in the morning 5 kilometers, you had to get up at 5:00-5:20. And at any time of the year I ran in the fresh air both in winter and in summer, the only thing that could cancel my runs was the temperature below -15 degrees outside the window. It was hard to get up when it was still dark outside. The longer I thought, ” maybe I shouldn't run today?”, “even my leg hurts”, “it's cold”, etc. the more unlikely it became to complete the task. Therefore, without much thought in the morning, the plan is: got up-dressed-went out-ran.

    Everything is simple, the main thing is to see the goal and go to it, and when the first results are achieved, the enthusiasm only increases:)

  3. There is an opinion, and I think it is true, that motivation gets rid of laziness. There is even such a scientifically proven topic that on weekdays it is difficult for us to wake up and do everything only for psychological reasons, and when we subconsciously know that today is a day off and only pleasant things are coming up, we wake up easier and more cheerful. So my advice will be to give you an incentive, a goal. Get up every morning to take a step towards the goal, remember that this is what you wake up for in the morning.

    Awareness of your mortality is also a strong motivation. Remember that life will always be short for us. You can die in 50 years or 10 minutes – the world is chaotic and absurd. Samurai, by their code, were obliged to always remember their mortality and be ready for the end. So live the allotted time with dignity, remember that you yourself will later regret the time spent in vain.

  4. Make healthy habits that you will follow every day. At first, this is difficult, but after about 3-4 weeks, such actions will be performed automatically. You also need to make a daily to-do list. There are even different techniques for this. I advise you to take a look. Let your list initially consist of the simplest small tasks, then gradually complicate them. The main thing is that the list should be drawn up on paper, which will hang in a prominent place, and it is strictly forbidden to deviate from it. Wake up and fall asleep at the same time. And, of course, motivate yourself. Because laziness manifests itself with low motivation.

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