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  1. There is a very good and illustrative example of a person who was a drug addict.

    The famous artist and producer, musician and vocalist Robert Downey Jr. has many fans who appreciate and love his work. He has played more than fifty roles, recorded more than a dozen songs, including his own composition, but is not going to stop there. In his piggy bank, he has several Oscars, Golden Globe Awards, BAFTAs, Emmys and others, more than 10 in total. According to Forbes magazine for 2013-2018, he is one of the highest-paid film actors. But his path to success and fame was not always smooth and happy.

    Childhood and youth.

    The date of birth of Robert John Downey Jr. is considered to be April 4, 1965, and the place is America, New York. The family already had a daughter, Alison, a few years older. Both my mother and father are creative and passionate about movies. Robert Downey Sr. was a screenwriter and actor. Mom-Elsie Ann Ford also played in the movies. Throughout his early childhood, the boy often moved with his parents, and by that time his father was already very addicted to drugs, and there were always unsuitable people in the house: drug addicts and alcoholics. Robert Jr. himself recalled that he picked up this bad habit from his father, who suggested that they try it. Very early on, he understands that the stage is his vocation, he spent his free time playing in the summer theater, doing ballroom dancing. The first work was his father's painting “Corral” (1970) about dogs from a shelter, where the leading role of a puppy was entrusted to his son. He just turned 5 years old. 2 years later, in the film “Gliser's Palace”, he played a tragic main role. In 1978, a painful divorce occurred for all family members. R. Downey Jr. hesitated for a long time in making a decision, but chose to live with his father in California. In adolescence, a lot of filming and working, because of this, there are absences at school,and then completely excluded.

    Biographical information.

    1984-accepts an invitation to appear in the film “The Firstborn”. This was followed by a number of films where the actor won many audience sympathies among young people, such as” Back to School”,” Oh, this Science”,” Wall to Wall”,”America”.

    1985-works on the release of the popular television show “Saturday Night Live” and decides to finally connect fate with film activity, and therefore moves to Hollywood.

    1987-gets the main role in the film by J. R. R. Tolkien. Tobeka “Removal specialist”. He is also working on a work that has become quite successful in the “Less than Zero” feed.

    1992-Richard Attenborough's Chaplin, for its portrayal of the most famous comedian, was awarded the WAFTA Award for Best Actor and received Oscar and Golden Globe nominations. His fame is growing, critics note positive success and promise promising contracts, but at this time drugs took over him completely, and as a result – breaks in relations with producers and dismissal from studios.

    1996-sentenced to 3 years in prison for possession and use of heroin and weapons, and forced medical treatment. He agrees and fulfills in good faith all the prescriptions of doctors, so he is even released to shoot in the video of Elton John. Having regained the trust of others, the term is reduced to a year altogether.

    1999. Repeated case of prohibited substances, defiant behavior, violation of the terms of court orders

    2002. December 17-released from prison after serving his sentence.

    2004. Work in the film “Kiss through” and the release of the album with the songs” Futurist “(“The Futurist”). The arrangement and beautiful music, which he was the author of, drew attention to themselves and gained popularity.

    2008 Films “Soldiers of Failure” and “Iron Man”. This is followed by overwhelming success and a large number of offers.

    2009 Starred in the detective thriller “Sherlock Holmes” directed by Guy Ritchie, along with J. R. R. Tolkien. Lowe, who plays Dr. Watson, and Robert plays Detective Holmes. In a short time, all records for mass collections were broken, and he received a Golden Globe in the category “Best Actor-Comedy or Musical”.

    In 2010 There was a sequel made from the pictures of “Iron Man-2”. Robert D. Jr. has already signed a contract to participate in the third part and in the Avengers.

    In 2011 In the second part of the sequel — “Sherlock Holmes: A Game of shadows”, the hero of Downey Jr. confronts the villain Professor Moriarty.

    2013-The artist participates in a promotional tour in support of the film “Iron Man-3”. In April, shortly before the premiere, he visited the Russian capital and told reporters about the details of the work on the tape, and as a gift received a soft toy-Cheburashka for children.

    In 2015 The movie “Avengers: Age of Ultron” is coming out.

    2017 action-adventure Spider-Man: Homecoming, directed by D. Wattson, plays Tony Stark (Iron Man). The film is recognized as the sixth most successful.

    2018 and 2019 sequels of Avengers: Infinity War and Avengers: Endgame.

    2020 Viewers watch him in the fantasy “The Amazing Journey of Dr. Doolittle” about a veterinarian who understands the language of animals and birds. This premiere was very long-awaited, in total over eighty actors were involved, including A. Banderas and M. Shin.

    Personal life

    From 1984 to 1991, he had a relationship with Sarah Jessica Parker, an aspiring actress and partner in the film “First Born”. Journalists liked to cover the relationships of young people. The girl struggled in every possible way with the addictions of her lover, but it was in vain, and seven years later the couple broke up.

    In 1992, he married singer and fashion model Deborah Faulconer, just a month after meeting her. In 1993, on September 7, a common son, Indio, was born. But they also failed to reverse the quarrels and disagreements. The breakup followed in 2004.

    In 2003, while working in the horror film Gothic for the role of Dr. Pete Graham, Robert saw Susan Levine. She was the film's producer. It can also be noted among her merits that she coordinated the series “Santa Barbara”. Having fallen in love in earnest, only for her sake he managed to complete another rehabilitation course in Los Angeles, and in August 2005 they were married. And then they opened a joint production company. Recently, their TV series “Perry Mason”, an adaptation of the classic novel by E. Gardner, was released. The couple had their first child, Exton Elias, in 2012, and their beloved daughter, Avery Roel, in 2014. Having lived together for fifteen years, their family idyll is still intact.


    Robert John Downey Jr. is a wonderful actor and a person who showed on his own experience that you can never despair if you have a dream and a life goal is set, thanks to talent, intelligence, perseverance, efficiency, it can and should be achieved. Many of his roles are a clear example of this.

  2. The life of a drug addict is very dead and sad.

    Of course if you look through his eyes the initial stages are very happy and fun but this is all just his view…

    The addict is faced with denial before realizing the world and what he is doing .In fact, the addict's vest is a loss of all spheres, but its denial to reality. And after the already broken denial comes the realization of collapse .

  3. In addition to the previous answers, it doesn't even matter what drug a person uses. They may not regularly use opiates and not experience physical dependence, or they may smoke weed and not see the point of living even a day without it. There is not a single drug that would cause addiction from the first time, if a person does not want it. Everything depends solely on the person – their self-control and attitude to substances. If he puts drugs above everything else, and they are no longer running the drugs, he is a drug addict. If this is not a systematic use and he does not feel a devouring need for them from the inside – it is rude and inappropriate to call him an addict.

  4. On this topic, I recommend reading the book “Junky”by William Seward Burroughs.
    Everything is clearly and clearly described in it, but in addition to this, the novel carries a lot of weight simply in artistic terms.

  5. Hello Sergey, once having tried a person experiences feelings describing which I risk falling under the article of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation drug propaganda, however, it will not be possible to convey them in words , I will only say that in order to experience these feelings again, people are ready to destroy their lives, steal money and things from relatives and strangers risking freedom and

    Drug addicts try to justify such behavior by saying that drug addiction is a disease but the truth is that they are driven to such actions by the desire to experience the euphoria of drug use again.

    Once a person has tried it, he can't forget it, he feels a strong desire to relive it again and again , this is a psychological addiction that is extremely difficult to get rid of, and maybe not even realistic.

    Against the background of what I described above, taking the drug becomes more frequent, transforming into a lifestyle.

    A person begins to use regularly, physical dependence is formed with the resulting withdrawal syndrome or, in simple words, withdrawal if the consumer could not get the next dose.

    The circle of interests narrows to one to get money and buy a dose.

    The consumer regularly finds himself in a difficult life situation, withdrawal and a strong desire to experience euphoria coupled with lack of funds puts the consumer before the choice to remain a person or act like a go..but, to steal things or money from home , or to do something else that is unacceptable and unworthy of a decent person.

    People are weak, withdrawal can be quite tough and the desire to use again is very strong, few drug users can endure it and not step over moral principles and internal restrictions.

    Many girls start to sell their bodies or drugs , someone steals.

    Drugs are not for the weak, however, they do not destroy the soul , they only create a difficult situation, the choice to become a go..nom or remain a person is always a person.

    Something like this – https://youtu.be/0KAOngxwa0A

  6. Well, the surfactant has become a part of your life, accept it, it's forever, it depends on you, what part you give it, give a lot and it will swallow you. Get a second job, enter the university for evening classes and give two Saturdays a week to your substance, it is impossible to defeat substances, they are stronger than us, you have two ways left, either learn to live with the substance or it will destroy you it is better to choose the first one

  7. The question is not entirely correct. It is important to know before answering what drug a person uses, for example: if it is heroin or opiates, then everything is clear, the person's goal is to find more drugs so that there is no withdrawal, but if it is grass, then it is no different from the life of an ordinary person.

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