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  1. I want to say that when these videos began to appear more often, and the discussion reached a more popular level, I became very interested in this topic as a well-known audiophile, but even despite the presence of good sound equipment and a lot of tried content of different genres(from whispering into a microphone to ASMR porn), I still did not feel the effect that most enthusiasts and fans of this genre describe.�

    Therefore, I will be one of the responders who can say that I did not experience any sensations)�

    If you haven't watched such content yet, then nothing prevents you from trying it yourself. And if you compare the experience with others, then it is quite individual based on my experience and the experience of my friends.

    I hope it helped)

  2. This is a very pleasant sensation similar to waves running along the nerve endings in the back and back of the head, they seem to run along the back to concentrate in the back of the head. Perhaps the most pleasant feeling is just when these waves seem to envelop the back of the head. Sometimes the sensations of ASMR can be very dim, barely discernible, sometimes very strong, then waves one after another envelop the back of the head, the effect of one wave does not have time to disappear as the next one rolls in. АС ASMR the feeling is really a bit like goosebumps from music, but much more pleasant.

  3. ASMR is a rather interesting phenomenon that is gaining momentum due to several interrelated factors: 1. the availability of high-quality audio and visual recording and reproduction equipment + the development and widespread use of ear monitors 2. the development of a culture of personal production and consumption of media content and 3.individualization, loneliness (as the opposite of “herd” or hyper-social development of society). In other words, we want someone to be close to us in the literal sense of the word – extremely close. We are social beings, we need it.

    P.S. Last week I started making musical sketches, I came up with the idea to record short musical excerpts in the “near-whisper” mode. A couple of days later, I found out about ASMR, and today I saw your question. In my opinion, this is a very good illustration of the dynamics of this trend.

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