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  1. the ideal of relationships and not only relationships, but everything in life is described and regulated by the commandments of God. And they say that a deep relationship between a man and a woman should be only in marriage, and this marriage can not be dissolved by anything other than the death of one of the spouses, because the combination of the two makes them one(a single whole). Everything should be based on love, mutual respect, which must be achieved, because the first love can quickly pass and there will be disappointment due to unjustified expectations based on fantasies and dreams. Secondly, a man must take upon himself the responsibility of being the head of this union – this is also God's principle and God's institution, it is not for nothing that it is said that a woman marries, that is, follows her husband. And the last name of the husband, which the wife usually takes, also symbolically says the same thing. Marriage is both work and sacrifice and sometimes pain, but it is also a great blessing of God, in which a person experiences joy, comfort and finds support and receives pleasures for which he does not pay as in the case of the “joys” of sins and temptations.

  2. There is no point in inventing any ideals and ideas,because you never know what it will look like in your eyes. Unnecessary attempts to impose on yourself not just ideals, BUT EVEN NORMS of relationships-only ruin your chances of maintaining some relationships and feelings. They will only make you feel frustrated and have unnecessary thoughts. The maximum I would probably want is mutual love. Everything else I want to overpower or get high from something without expecting it. Let it be a pleasant or boiled surprise,the main thing is reciprocity. Even if it does not appear,it is not shown, but that it would be felt and it could be understood at least somehow. And I will say that at least so far in all my years I have not fallen in love with anything without surprises, and most of them were not pleasant at all, but I saw it not as the disadvantages of a relationship or someone I love, but as an obstacle that we must pass together, it's a pity not everyone can understand why I think so =.

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