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  1. In a sense, consciousness has created matter, i.e., it has allocated a category for cognition, but this is only a reflection of the objective reality in which consciousness itself exists.

  2. Imho, it was matter that evolved into consciousness, in ancient times, when the earth was still very hot, some kind of primary protozoan, assembled from pieces of amino acids and their residues, marked the beginning of life(and, accordingly, consciousness) on Earth.�
    I recommend reading about the Miller-Urey experiment�ru.wikipedia.org

    And in general about the theory of chemical evolution�ru.wikipedia.org

  3. Consciousness did not create matter. Matter has always existed. But consciousness is a property of highly developed matter (intelligent man, society, etc.), which appeared at a certain level of evolution or development. It is not entirely correct to say that matter evolved into consciousness. Like matter turned into consciousness. Matter remained matter, only more highly developed, which had the property of consciousness.

  4. And neither the first nor the second.

    The consciousness of the Creating (Upper) Reality (Higher Intelligence, God) creates laws(Word, Logos) generating matter in the created reality(lower). This matter is the carrier of the consciousness of the lower reality.

    The spirit of the upper reality generates matter in the lower one, the matter of the lower one is the carrier of the spirit that generates matter in the lower reality in relation to it.

  5. our (human) level of development does not allow us to draw a conclusion in this regard. someday people will figure out how to get out of this paradoxical situation, and offer a solution.

    but for today, a person can choose for himself in which position he will remain. a person can choose which position in this matter is more profitable and convenient for further development and for achieving their goals.

    if both theories (about the primacy of one of the two) are sufficiently developed, then their synthesis will undoubtedly take place, but so far they are not sufficiently developed, and while we are forced to make do with analysis – to study these issues separately.

  6. There is only matter. Consciousness is a property of matter. Without matter, consciousness does not exist. So it is wrong to say that something has evolved somewhere.

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