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  1. In March 2017, video blogger Daniil Kashin claimed that Pavel Durov had smashed his phone.

    The story began with the fact that Daniel, along with a group of friends, went to the cinema, located in the most famous St. Petersburg shopping center “Gallery”. During the session, a group of young people noticed the founder of VKontakte and Telegram. At the end of the film, Daniel approached Pavel and asked him to take a selfie together. According to the video blogger, Pavel snatched the phone out of his hands and threw it into the opening between the floors. The further fate of the smartphone is unknown — someone picked it up on the first floor and disappeared.

    This story mixed with profanity was told by Daniel in his channel. The story received a wide response. The number of views per day exceeded 500 thousand:


    Many people called the story itself fiction, so according to Durov, he left his homeland in 2014. Others, on the contrary, believed in the story and condemned Paul's behavior. However, there is no evidence that it was Durov, and the video blogger himself did not file a police report, the story was never continued.

    It is worth noting that Pavel posted stories on instagram that day, in which the geometry from the Zermatt ski resort was linked.

  2. The blogger made up everything and made up views for himself. On that day (March 18-19), judging by the geotag on the photos on Durov's Instagram, he was in “Zermatt” – a ski resort in Switzerland, and therefore, if he does not know how to teleport, then he could not be in the “Gallery”. Moreover, according to Durov, he left Russia in 2014 and is not going to return.

    Here everything is written in detail: exile

  3. Those who answered above do not believe in what happened and claim that the blogger deceived everyone. This is really hard to believe, but together with Kashin at that moment there were also his close friends who confirmed the incident and criticized Pavel Durov's actions on their channels. �Yes, almost all of them are also video bloggers. I don't think that a group of popular authors on Russian YouTube would risk their reputation and invent such a stupid story that an adequate person would hardly believe.�

    In addition, there are several testimonies from Durov's old entourage that he occasionally flies to St. Petersburg, but tries not to advertise it and remain incognito. Of course, these are all words and there are no proofs, but the behavior is very characteristic of Durov. He had stood out for his outrage before.�

    By the way, and about the photo in Insta – here everything is also very funny. Pasha has never been as active on Instagram as he was after the massive spam campaigns of Kashin's followers on his VK page. Coincidentally or not, the next evening he posted a few photos and Instagram Stories from Switzerland. All accidents are not accidental.

  4. As mentioned above, Kashin was together with other popular video bloggers in the cinema and they confirmed that yes, Durov did so, but in the 21st century, to believe in everything that is said on the Internet is stupid. But no one forbids us to take sides.)

    I think that Kashin is not lying and such an event took place.

    First, think about why bloggers, including Khovansky, whom everyone knows, should invent such a story. That here we met Pavel Durov himself, and he broke Kashin's phone. It seems to me that such a story has a huge risk of failure and in this case greatly spoil the reputation of everyone, this is an unjustified risk.

    And secondly, for Durov, such behavior is in the order of things, he has never been particularly “polite”. I think many people remember the report about how he threw 5k bills from the VK office after watching people fight for them(although later he wrote it off as a philosophical message, saying that money was overrated), there was also news that Durov gave an employee a ride on the hood when he stopped him, and as mentioned above, Pavel was not very good-natured

    Personally, the only thing that bothers me is that there is still no video from the cameras.

    In any case, another week and we will find out the version of Durov himself

    Or maybe two, I do not know


    I read an article on medialix that was thrown off. The only arguments are that according to insta Durov was not in Russia at all and that there are no witnesses and proofs

    It all reminds me of the wonderful story of Bill Murray stealing potatoes and saying, ” No one's going to believe you anyway.”


    I saw the opinion of people who said that Kashin caught views, money and subscribers from this story and therefore it is clear that they made it up

    I want to note that the increase was relatively small and this one vidos with 1kk views gave him almost nothing, so the game just wouldn't be worth the candle

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