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  1. I don't. I've never had a dream like this that required me to fully immerse myself)
    but with me, yes, they tore up. in general, if the person really has an idea… it's worth following.

  2. There is an example from the family-about my sister.�

    She met a guy in the 1st year, until the end of the university they met and lived together .She wanted an active and full life: career, travel, impressions. My sister herself found a grant for a master's degree abroad, studied there and at the same time found part-time work as a translator, went to many meetings, exhibitions and concerts.And the guy-went to the second higher education, lived with his parents, worked little and on temporary jobs. They maintained a long-distance relationship quite successfully, but the difference in aspirations and lifestyle made itself felt … �

    My sister got bored with dragging a ” suitcase without a handle “(a caustic phrase from my dad).
    She was kind of comfortable with a familiar and cozy guy on one side…On the other hand, I wanted him to take the initiative, develop and help around the house.

    We parted peacefully and quietly, now friends and continue to communicate.

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