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  1. I've been practicing lucid dreaming for several years now. At first, when I first started studying this phenomenon, entering the phase (no one calls it astral osbo anymore, except, perhaps, convinced esotericists) occurred by throwing me to a random location, where I already had to act on the situation.�

    Mikhail Raduga's video seminars (available on YouTube) helped me achieve “getting out of my body”. It won't be scary if you approach this matter with a cool head, but the sensations are certainly interesting. �

    As in any business, it is important to practice and work on mistakes, it will take time to find your own technique for entering the phase. The main thing is not to cloud your head with fairy tales, be a researcher of your imagination, because all this is created by your own brain and there is no need to trivialize it with pseudoscientific theories.

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