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  1. Of course, if an Asian has never seen Europeans live, they will be confused for some time. But it passes quickly, almost instantly.

    The same is true for Europeans who will see Asians for the first time.


  2. Asians are more similar to each other than the Caucasian race, for example, you can't confuse a Caucasian with a Russian, an Indian is also a Caucasian, and you can't confuse him with a Scandinavian. But Asians are divided into northern with white skin and southern with dark skin, and in the middle with yellow skin like the Chinese.�

    But representatives of one mononation can sometimes be confused, for example, take a Korean and throw him to Finland, at first he will be confused.

  3. I had a good friend, an Asian, or rather from Korea, and he told me that in reality we all look the same, but they are all different, that he would never confuse a Chinese and a Korean, and he really convinced me that they all have different faces,and if you take specifically people with fair skin, then we all look the same.

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