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  1. The butchers themselves eat meat. I've never seen a vegan butcher before. The psyche does not collapse. Similarly, employees of meat factories also eat meat and sausage without any problems, so that people whose acquaintance/friend/relative allegedly works in the meat industry and does not use it do not tell there.

    And how can they not get attached to someone they raised themselves?

    Butchers and meat factory workers do not raise their own animals. This is done by people of other professions. Sometimes these other people can kill the animal themselves. The psyche does not collapse, because they know what these animals are raised for.

    As for “getting attached to someone they raised themselves”, this may apply to dairy breeds of cows (goats). But such animals are not slaughtered for meat, because they are not raised for this purpose. In the worst case scenario, such cows are handed over to the meat processing plant at the end of their life path.

    I suspect that such questions are asked only by residents of cities who themselves often see cows either on TV or from the car window. Villagers do not ask such questions, because they clearly understand the food chain.

  2. Everyone reacts differently.�

    Someone is simply insensitive and cold-blooded, the feeling of affection is not familiar to him.

    Someone simply does not like the profession and is forced to kill animals and slaughter them for lack of a better job within their life situation. And he is constantly uncomfortable in this field, but he is forced to eat his own cactus, since he has no other food.

    Someone may have loved animals in the beginning, but over time they adapt, become callous ,and become cynical. He gets used to it, just as we get used to seeing meat on our plates.

    And someone, as you wrote in the question, gets “psychological trauma, he develops various mental disorders, of which depression is the most harmless.

  3. I once asked a similar question to my grandmother, who had chickens, rabbits, pigs, and cows all her life. To which she replied that she just initially perceives her animals as food. So when the time comes to cut up a chicken or slaughter a bull, there is no place for suffering to come from. I must say that regularly chopping off the heads of chickens for borscht did not prevent my grandmother from being very kind to people. She didn't suffer from any emotional burnout at all.

    As already mentioned in the answers, it is unlikely that you experience moral suffering when you pick apples or uproot old trees in the garden, or when you weed out the beds, destroying weeds. The same psychological mechanism works when slaughtering livestock for meat.

  4. I think it's like with midwives. Some people are against abortions and do not do them, but most of them are normal, do it and live with a clear conscience. Personally, I know that I would go vegan, since I can't personally kill a living creature.

  5. You called the person “butcher”. What does the butcher do? He's probably chopping meat, not his own psyche. Most likely, the animal does not understand how this cute, reasonable little man SUDDENLY turned out to be a destroyer… But the “butchers” themselves do not understand much. In general, since the 18th century, humanity has eaten many types of animals. This is not a matter of mental disorders, but of its change.

    Back to the robot problem! Why is the robot being sent for disassembly? The dastardly disassembler once again deprived him of a rich electronic LIFE…

  6. Butchers don't raise animals – other people do. For the whole village, as a rule, one good slaughterer, whom everyone invites in turn , or even from a neighboring village is called) �

    But, in principle, there are no problems to cook and eat an animal if you personally participated in the slaughter: I have practiced this in various companies, from Dagestan to the Nizhny Novgorod hinterland. But this is, of course, still a man's business: it is better for women and children to offer ready-made meat )

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