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  1. In the question itself, there is a concern about how you will look in the eyes of others. Don't worry, you're not alone, there are billions of us.

    Regardless of whether you hide your emotions or show them vividly – in fact (as it seems to me), it is one movement, with only one goal – to hide one and show the other. Your concern is caused by a conflict between who you are and who you want to appear to be. And fear triggered the defense mechanism. After all, in the eyes of others, �you want to match the popular template in your environment, changing masks each time depending on the situation, situation and environment.�

    For example, when you talk to an unknown passerby, you have one mask, another with the janitor, another with the boss, another with the doctor, a fourth, a fifth in the company of friends, etc. I think many people know about this, but they continue this game. Please note that all these disguises only occur when there is an object for which this whole game is started. If there is no object, then there is no game. Surely everyone knows the feeling when you are in the forest or in the field, in general, in nature, where there are no people. The game, after changing masks, suddenly stops: the gait becomes natural, the gaze is straight, the eyes do not run in different directions, do not hide in search of shelter. In this environment, you are in a natural state, out of conflict with yourself. What can not be said about the situation when we are surrounded by people. However, if we had a negative experience with the tree, and not just once, but many times, when it somehow responded to our actions with something. Perhaps then, once in the forest, we would have stopped dead, swaying slightly, imitating the image of a tree, howling under our breath “I'm a tree, I'm a cute, cute tree”.

    Getting back to the question “Do I need to hide my emotions? Always smile in public so that everyone thinks you're doing well? Does this mean that you depend on someone else's opinion?». In any case, this problem is for you to solve, only you are able to deal with it. However, if you passively observe your mask-changing game on a daily basis (without any intention of correcting it), then this may be the key to stopping this process. After all, when we behave naturally, we feel good, we do a lot of things and it's easy to communicate with us.

  2. What you've said is just someone's private opinion, and it doesn't matter that it's being circulated around the world as a statement. Who prevents you from creating your own rules and “launching” them into practice? To do this, you need not much – to have the courage and be firm in your intentions. And everything will work out for you. Because 99% of people are ready for this, and are just waiting for their leader, who will say without a shadow of a doubt: “I know I can.” And it doesn't matter if it's right or doubtful, the main thing is that you remove responsibility from people and put it on yourself. At the same time, cry or smile in public, without hiding your emotions, and do not depend on anyone's opinion. You just need to ask a couple of important questions: “Who Am I?” And “Where Am I?”

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