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  1. Always.

    Self-confidence is the confidence that “I am” and “I am loved because I am” and “I love myself for what I am.” There is no way to verify all this, so these facts have to be taken on faith.

    The adequacy of self-esteem is a consequence of self-confidence. Self-esteem is not an assessment of one's actions or the ability to calculate one's strength and make strategic plans, but something that forms a person's attitude towards oneself and other people.

    A person and his actions are not the same thing. The attitude to yourself should not depend on actions or financial situation. Self-love must be unconditional, otherwise a tendency to addictions develops, such as:”I'm offended – I'll get drunk.”

    A person who is confident in himself is sure that he is loved, until he is proved otherwise.

    An insecure person is sure that they are not loved until they are proven otherwise.

    In both cases, no one can prove it.

    In the first case, a person decides for himself what kind of person he is, his attitude to himself does not depend on the opinions and assessments of other people, does not depend on successful and unsuccessful actions or on income.

    In the second case, his opinion of himself depends on the opinions and assessments of others, on the assessments of his actions, as well as on the level of his income.

    An insecure person does not love himself, so he is not able to love others, but tries to earn the love of others by some actions, and he considers self-love stupid or considers himself unworthy of his love if others do not love him. Consider yourself unworthy and depend on the opinions of others-this is low self-esteem.

  2. Self-confidence is the biggest plus in a person.Such a person always as a rule has a goal that drives him and such a person always thanks to self confidence achieves something bad

  3. Self-confidence and self-esteem are not particularly related to each other, as strange as it may sound.

    Self-esteem is just a critical opinion of yourself, but more from the outside. It can be either overstated or undervalued, or it can be normal.
    Self-confidence is already an assessment of your inner strength.�

    Insecure people with high self-esteem often turn out to be tyrants and pathological jealous people. That is, a person considers himself almost a God, but the slightest competition or indication that he really is nobody is perceived very painfully,since there is self-doubt.

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