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  1. It depends on what kind of guy, what kind of poetry, and how long you've known each other. It is also important which young people a particular girl likes.. I would, for example, run away from the person who on a date would give out a poem about the suffering of love or something else))) not because it's bad, just a matter of taste

  2. I went for a walk with a girl, and on the first date we started talking about poems, I saw poems on her wall with her signature, asked if she wrote them herself, to which I certainly received a positive answer. and he modestly stated that I remember one verse very well now, it was “the blue fire was being swept up”. on the line “only touch your hand lightly”, I artistically took her hand, after which she firmly grabbed mine and I did not have such a goal, it came out on its own. I take it this is the answer )

  3. No, no, and no again. Most likely, such an attempt will put your chosen one in a terribly awkward position, in which she will rush between “did he decide to show me his well-read and unusual nature in this way?!”and” he's a mothballed romantic who's reread Romeo and Juliet.” Again, I speak for myself, but it seems to me that there is a sooooo small probability that the poetry will have to be in the subject and will not just sound out of place. Perhaps, in our time, this is already an obsolete element. This will certainly cause surprise, but rather unpleasant. In addition, it makes me think of it as empty chatter. And, in my opinion, it is much more romantic to show your chosen one how you treat her with business.

  4. Although in some ways not a girl at all, but I will tell you one story. One day, you had to start a conversation with someone you hadn't spoken to in years. Very much indeed. There was a phone number available. At the same time, a) I was not sure that it was correct; b) I was not sure that I was remembered at all; c) I was not sure that they would be happy to talk to me. So I took a deep breath in response to “Hello” and started reading Mandelstam. Around the second stanza, there was a sigh and a surprised “Crazy… Is that you?”

  5. I was once read a poem by Tolkien in Russian (“..one ring to the Lord on the black throne..”), not so much read as acted out – it was surprisingly cool! The originality of the reciter, of course, bribed me)) in general, reading poetry in public doesn't seem like a stupid and awkward idea if there are two of you and the person reading it is a bit of an actor.

  6. I sent or read poems to more than one girl, and they were poems of my own composition. Let them be, of course, and not very high-quality, but from the heart and filled with sincere feelings, this is for sure. But to my regret, all of these girls reacted strangely, it was clear that they were somehow uncomfortable. As a result, I became disillusioned with their effect on the female sex and gave up this business (writing poetry in principle). But I think that I was so unlucky, I hope there are still girls in the world, women who treat this kind of expression of their feelings with respect and love, and maybe admiration.

  7. I am very impressionable, so it almost comes to tears in such situations, especially if the poem is of my own composition and is dedicated not to someone, but to me)))

    And so, depending on what kind of character the girl has, temperament, etc.)

  8. I would be very pleased, but the main thing is a good attitude of the guy and his support. Words aren't really that important. And if the poems are really good, then let them be good, and not some stupid ones. She herself wrote poems about her love, and this is an expression of the most real feelings. But I would have been a little surprised to hear the lyrics for me.)

    Indeed, “poems can” greatly please. ( if this is an expression of true feelings, and not just verbiage, so let's say.)

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