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  1. State institutions are needed in order to control society, provide and develop the rules and laws necessary for normal life.

    The state has many institutions. By the way, the monetary system is one of them. To manage all this good, a division of power is necessary, one person is simply not able to control absolutely everything-it concerns the issue of branches of government.

    If we consider a society in which absolutely All people are morally developed, it is important to understand that even in such a society, management is necessary. And here's why.

    Each person is different, even if everyone is morally developed, not everyone can agree on something and conflicts are inevitable always and at all times. Your lifestyle may be radically different from that of other people. You can accept and accept this as a morally developed person, however, the feeling of some injustice or wrongness will be with you. Your “normal” may differ from other people's understanding of normality. Normality is too subjective.

    State institutions, branches of government and the monetary system (I wrote only what was mentioned in the question, of course, it is quite obvious that the components that determine a morally developed person are much more) are all integral components of a morally developed person, kagbe.

  2. All this is also not necessary for immoral people, if they are going to live on a desert island and on full self-sufficiency. But even then, I think, he will still have to register something and pay some taxes. If only he, following the example of the hero of “Mars”, does not plant a field of potatoes on the red planet. All these institutions and bureaucrats have not yet reached there, although Musk may be charged for using his car… In short, we are not asked if we want to obey the laws of the society in which we were born and are going to die. So you still have to endure, regardless of whether you need to, or really don't want to.

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