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  1. Most older people are not afraid of death, they have lived long enough to understand that it is inevitable and it is natural. Of course, they do not want to die, many do not want to, but this does not mean that there is fear in them.

  2. And why think about death? She will definitely come . Well, it will come and come. What's so surprising about that? As in the song ” and death will come – we will die .” I hope to go to another world and another life. Everything that is programmed will be there. Live in harmony with your essence and love the world around you. And everything will be fine.

  3. There was a good movie “Nobody wanted to die”. It's about young people. But the elderly don't want to die either. Everyone wants to live until life becomes a tragedy. It is easier for old people to die, because life is not so happy and brings more physical suffering. And the peers left. True believers easily pass away. Meeting God is a joy for them. Believe, and life will become easier. And don't offend your parents. Nothing and never. You won't be able to fix anything later. And then you won't want to live on your own. It's true.

  4. And the young one can leave at one moment . And how many of them go away . That's the tragedy. The elderly should not have a tragedy – life is lived. The sunset has come and enjoy it.

  5. I can only answer for my parents, who are already over 80. They think about death constantly, they touch on this topic in every conversation, they justify their mistakes with their age ” … yes, it's time for me to go there for a long time …”. They are also very concerned about the question of funerals, how and where we (children) will bury them. My father treats this more calmly, humbly, and my mother is lost in time and cannot accept her age as a fact. As for whether death scares them at all, I can't say for sure. But when they get sick, even with the flu, I see fear in their eyes, namely the fear of dying.

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