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  1. You have asked a question that is so complex and multifaceted that you can write a book in response to it.

    But I will describe only three, in my opinion, basic motivations of faith in God.

    1. There are people who find it difficult to adapt to society, begin to worry about and without, so they find explanations for their condition in the sinfulness of people. So, with the help of religion, they narrow down social interaction, build relationships with their own kind, and improve their adaptability.

    2. Many atheists or simply non-religious people begin to believe in God as a super-natural force in a state of helplessness under very difficult (traumatic) life circumstances. In this case, faith in God is psychotherapy.

    3. Highly educated people, the more deeply they learn the sciences and make scientific discoveries, the closer they are to believing in God. At the same time, scientists who come to realize the existence of God are not so much humanitarians as people in technical industries. They come to the conclusion that such a complex, multifunctional and synergistic system in which we live could not be “invented” by a certain nature, such a complex organization must have a creator, and it is called God or a higher intelligence that does not matter much.

  2. And try to think with this analogy Why:

    People are drawn to their mother because they want to find something kind, loving close? To warm up from the indifference of the universe to us?

    And even better to understand yourself – why am I so surprised by people's desire for God? To your mother? To the Motherland?

    You will unearth your fears and pains in relation to your mother and family, and you will immediately understand why some people are so illogically, very emotionally and “recklessly” attracted to their mother.

  3. The person who feels God inside believes in God. From this feeling, the whole meaning of life and activity comes. There is also an activity that helps you feel God in yourself, it can also belong to the category of faith or yoga.

  4. What is this nonsense about the deaf universe?

    The universe doesn't owe you anything. She's not the wizard in the blue helicopter.

    You only have three assistants . Your WILL, BRAIN and HARD WORK.

    The brain is responsible for choosing the direction “which way to dig hard work”

    Will=strength of character, determines your success.

    And the will, I would put even above the brain.

    And faith in God is like the foundation/foundation on which stands both the will and the hard worker.

    You don't have to believe in God.

    It is more useful to believe in YOURSELF or in LUCK.

  5. To the deaf, sounds don't seem to exist, but that doesn't make them disappear. So it is with the meaning of life and the answers of the universe – if someone does not find them, it does not follow that they do not exist.

    It seems to me that people believe in God because it is their innate need, it is inherent in the very nature of man. How to breathe, love, communicate with other people – if a person does not do this, he becomes ill.

  6. For two months now, I've been doing gibberish, that is, asking questions and answering them. But how can you solve something when everyone is trying to convey their own message, not only not delving into someone else's thought, but determining in advance that it is not correct? We are deaf! To understand a different opinion, we are not given, because we, in advance, choose the part of the opinion that we are able to refute? What we can't do is ignore and ignore it! For example, I asked: If after the resort, we immediately go to heaven, is it fair? Then I was interested in religious doctrine, that there we will rest? But if you are so tired of drinking at work and at corporations and resorts? – do not get drunk, do not overtake, why do you need to get ahead of America, if you can just improve your own! I visited England and was horrified by how similar we are and how different we are. in everything in the understanding of laws, customs, habits, and all that distinguishes us from each other? If the Duma is constantly changing laws, then in England they are not unstable! Why are we surprised that so many people steal from us? But they steal where they can, and store where they can't! The world around us, with its diversity and difference, asserts the existence of a Plan. And the presence of dissent only confirms this! Without the concept of evolution, it is not possible to understand the mind and separate one from the other. And you need to believe in evolution as sacredly as in reason, otherwise it is a lie and a deception. From science we must take the concepts of physical phenomena, and from the religions of the whole world – moral ones! Their presence on earth is pleasing to the Creator, and so is our presence as long as there is a desire to know the Creator! Our difference is already in our genes! Therefore, it is not possible for someone who believes that apple trees will bloom on Mars to explain that they are better here! Our reason has an amazing property-to come up with an excuse for everything. 6 I made a bad chair, I immediately find excuses and applications for this chair, in the form of the fact that a bad person will come to me, or who does not believe in the God that I am, I will let him sit on this chair, and even pour him hot soup. How we love to find evil and punish it! A fool cannot be distinguished from a wise man, because a fool is sure that he is smart, and a wise man doubts it! Therefore, continue to believe everything we are told, but doubt it! maybe this will help us develop a new gene, or enlightenment in religion? Good luck to all!

    Then why are Darwin's words distorted? Just who pays, and tatsuet the girl!

  7. When you ask this question, it is as if you are looking for support in making or not making your decision whether to believe in God. Otherwise, you would ask the question in a more comprehensive way, realizing that people can believe in God for much more diverse reasons or for no reason at all.

    To begin with, the concept of God is completely, completely different for everyone, and what one calls God, another will call the Universe, the third the Absolute, and the fourth something else. And people also believe in him in different ways – someone because he found comfort in him in a difficult situation, someone-just in case, so as not to go to hell, someone just feels that there is something inexplicable in life, and he called it God for himself.

    It seems to me that what is more important is not how a person calls this certain Higher Power, but how he interacts with it.

    If a person does not succeed in life, some people do not give up and get their own way, and often they say that there is no God, they have earned everything with their work. And how can we say that they are wrong? But you can look at the situation like this: they asked the Universe, but it doesn't have to give everything instantly, they made some effort, and as a result, the Universe gave them what they wanted.

    And someone asked the Universe, but either he didn't put much effort into it, or his request was vague, so he doesn't get what he wants. And then he begins to resent the universe for being deaf to him. And what does faith in God have to do with it?

    And many people do not see the meaning of life in God at all, it can be completely different for everyone – someone lives for the sake of their kind, for the sake of their children and grandchildren, someone for the sake of the business that they live and which for a person is the most important occupation in their life, for someone the meaning is “do what you Everyone has this meaning of life very different, and often not at all notorious, but very specific.

    It is right that you ask such questions. When communicating with other people, it is easier to dig out something inside yourself in order to move on.

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