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  1. In my opinion, people don't change. More precisely, people do not change radically. Suppose that a person has a core-these are his principles, his attitude to life, and to people. It never changes. And there are also small branches from this core-this is what a person has understood in life, those concepts that he was forced to accept, what he himself tried to change in himself. So the latter is very easily changed in a person .

    And now the answer to your question. If you look at the root of a person, then he will never change for you. And if you look at the surface qualities of a person, they will always change for you.

  2. Of course they change. But in 7-10 years.. Because after this time, the person is completely renewed physically. His hormonal background changes, and therefore his attitude to many things… So you can say the character too. The only thing that remains is the memory. So does your memory. And now, for the most part, it is she who reminds you of that very person.. Although it is already quite different.

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