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  1. Clarification-there is an optimal level of trust/distrust – here wild extremes like absolutely trust/distrust are very harmful.

    The proverb “trust, but verify” is a wise optimal solution to the problem, the golden mean – here extremes are not very useful.

  2. Trust can exist in a society where one of the leading values is honesty and openness.

    In societies with market economies, this value is not necessary, as it makes survival difficult.

    And when market relations in society allow for “dirty” competition, the leading idea becomes-You can't cheat, you can't live. So what kind of trust can we talk about in such a society? Only suicides would dare to be open and trusting in such a public setting.

  3. I'll tell you about the stratum in society. They are called “why so”. They have methods for dividing them into classes. They take a child and wash his ass with soap in the bushes, and then the child thinks that he was raped. Everyone knows how he was deceived. Now if someone tells him about how he was deceived, then the society can be trusted, if they don't say it, then they can't be trusted and no one will work with them, respectively, because this is the broom that can't be trusted, respectively, no one will work with the child, too, because this child then goes crazy and starts talking to himself. This method works better than any law, but it is fascist and in fact it is a mockery. And the conclusion is that trust should be meaningful, if you make sense, it does not mean that you have lost trust.

  4. And why trust “other people” – in general, as such, everything and in everything? Trust arises on the basis of something. If trust is needed, then it is achieved, and not by making claims to trust by default, but by the method of relationships when it follows from them that the person is trustworthy. As a result, you trust someone-who is trustworthy, someone to trust is just stupid.

  5. Why scary ? It's good that people are worried about their safety, otherwise there may be danger anywhere and anytime. Who knows what to expect from a suspicious character, and appearances are often deceptive ?

  6. It is not the loss of trust in society that is terrible, but the unwillingness to be deceived once again by someone who “needed” help, but in fact turned out to be an unreliable person who does not want to live with his own mind and efforts.

  7. The worst part is that people don't trust each other anymore. People are afraid that they will be betrayed and betrayed in return. People have forgotten how to sincerely love and make friends. And if they meet such a person, they do not push them away with trust.

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