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  1. No. Belief in energy is simply auto-suggestion and illusory correlation, i.e., the error of positive examples. When an event confirms our hypotheses, we usually pay special attention to it and remember it. On the contrary, when an event does not confirm our hypotheses, we usually ignore it or give it a different interpretation in accordance with these hypotheses.

    For example, on the day of the exam, you dressed as usual, but this time you decided to wear a pink shirt instead of a white one. You weren't ready for the exam at all, but you surprisingly passed it perfectly. Then you start to wonder why you are so lucky, and draw parallels. You realize that the only thing that was not done as usual is your pink shirt. You put on a new shirt and passed the exam with flying colors. “Agaaa, there is a connection” – you think. �For the next exam, you decide to wear the same shirt and pass the exam again with an excellent result. “So it brings good luck, now I will always wear it!” – you think.�

    But here some may ask a question. “Then why do I always get lucky if I wear the lucky thing?” There are three possible answers: a) you just feel confident and behave more confidently, which can significantly affect success; b) you are not always lucky, but you do not note this in your head, but focus only on successful cases; c) it's just a coincidence.

    In general, here's how it works)

  2. Energy does not exist, but there is our consciousness, which, with repeated coincidence of any events, begins to associate them with each other and tune in to one of these “paired” events when the second one occurs.

  3. I agree with Anastasia! It's all about autosuggestion. You can take an ordinary stone and believe in its magical properties. Maybe it's not so bad. When a person is confident in himself, he can do a lot and a little more. The main thing is not to hang yourself with various “amulets” and wait for them to turn your life into a beautiful fairy tale. You need to get up from the couch and do something on your own 🙂 �

    It also seems to me that things that your favorite people – mom, dad, grandparents, children, nephews-can have a special energy… If you have such a small attribute with you, then you will feel the support of your family and will cope with any task!

  4. Placebo (from lat. placebo, literally – “I will please, I will like”[1]) is a substance without obvious medicinal properties, used as a drug, the therapeutic effect of which is associated with the patient's own belief in the effectiveness of the drug. Sometimes a placebo capsule or tablet is called a pacifier. Lactose is often used as a placebo substance.

    In addition, the term placebo effect refers to the very phenomenon of improving a person's health due to the fact that they believe in the effectiveness of some effect that is actually neutral. In addition to taking the drug, such an effect can be, for example, performing certain procedures or exercises, the direct effect of which is not observed. The degree of manifestation of the placebo effect depends on the person's suggestibility and external circumstances of the “treatment” — for example, on the appearance of the placebo, its price, and the total complexity of obtaining the “medicine” (this increases confidence in its effectiveness due to the reluctance to consider effort and money spent in vain), the degree of trust in the doctor, and the credibility of the clinic.

    Instead of the medicine, saline (salty water) is administered and the person feels better.

    So is all the imaginary energy…

  5. I would not dare to say with such certainty that nothing exists and nothing exists. If there is anything supernatural, it is simply beyond our capacity to know.

    Perhaps things have energy, but we ourselves give specific things some meaning, power of influence, etc. When we go to the exam in “happy” jeans, our chances of not failing this exam increase, because we have set ourselves up correctly. When we go somewhere in “unlucky” shorts, for example, we set ourselves up in advance for some kind of failure.�

    Associations can also work: once, after putting on one jacket, I started to feel terrible halfway through, my throat, head, etc. ached. And then, when I put on the same jacket, it seemed to me that the bad feeling was coming back again. Such is the power of autosuggestion.

  6. Belief in omens, objects that bring good luck / bad luck is the sphere of superstition and in many ways borders on non-traditional religiosity of a person, in fact, this is called magical thinking, which is still inherent in a person (almost anyone) despite the 21st century with technological and scientific progress. In general, the first answer from the point of view of psychology explains this quite broadly. The people remained the same.

    If you have any memories and / or attachments to objects, then they do not carry energy and mysticism as such. They simply affect your state through memories. Therefore, if you have very bad memories about something or most likely about someone, if you are connected by some things with him, then it is better to get rid of these things (do not torment yourself emotionally, it can then come out sideways, even if you are a masochist). And also on the other hand, if you have very warm memories of someone, it is better to keep this person's things, they will please you and bring positive emotions. However, there is such a thing as addiction, but this is a slightly different topic.

    PS: in general, things affect a person only if he sincerely believes in their magic. In fact, this is autosuggestion, which can indirectly affect a person's behavior, and therefore their affairs in everyday life, relationships, work, etc., etc.

  7. energy exists in everything, even in things. but do they bring good luck? most likely not, this is autosuggestion or a combination of circumstances.

    not everything can be seen with your eyes.

  8. That is, we are talking about some “talismans”? Yes, talismans and amulets usually represent a certain thing that contains a special magic program that fulfills a certain goal: protection, attracting good luck, success, love, prosperity, prosperity to the house, etc. Yes, they work. But with one important condition: the talisman is correctly made by a professional specialist, while observing all the important conditions and nuances. And there are a great many of these most magical conditions and nuances: the right time, the right spells, the right material, the right working tools, and much more. And one of the most important points in the magic of talismans is their individual production. There is no use from some identical trinkets that are supposedly “charged” in bulk for subsequent retail sale. For more information on this topic, see the article: “Talismans for good luck, well-being and money”

  9. Everything has energy, but man is too primitive to use it. The brain is afraid of the world, it was born with the knowledge that the world is full of dangers, but while most of them are vague, to recognize them, it filters events that have happened to us, and leaves some kind of emotional coloring about various things. If such a color is sufficient, then a person becomes attached to a thing, but since it is often an unshakable object, such a thing becomes an amulet, talisman or even totem.

  10. Modern physics is all about power engineering. You can verify the reality of energy without paying the electricity bill. Amulets, etc., are motivational reminders that help you focus on your goals.

  11. Anastasia put it all right. Nothing supernatural, except for cosmological space, has yet been discovered. There are no psychics, there are metaphysicians and excellent speakers, there is no tangible mystical energy, there is the law of universal gravitation.

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