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  1. All people want the same main thing –

    be healthy and successful, educated and employed, have a high level of quality of life, etc… –

    everyone wants it.

    In this case, life becomes meaningful and valuable.

  2. I propose a non-standard approach to solving the question of the meaning of life. First, you need to define the meaning of the concept of “the meaning of life”. Let's put this concept in other words: the essence of life. The essence of life is what happens when life happens. We recall Descartes '” I think, therefore I exist.” It's hard to disagree with Descartes ' argument that the only thing we can't doubt is that we have some thoughts.

    We know from a school physics course that color is not an existing substance, because it is only an interpretation by our visual organ of a certain wavelength reflected from an object. The cactus itself is not green. Nothing has any color by itself. But we can think and see green, even though we know that no color exists. Similarly, we can question everything we think is going on. The only thing that is certain for us is the presence of the thinking process itself.

    What happens when a person lives? The process of living consists in interpreting reality-in constantly reflecting the surrounding space and the state of your body. This reflection takes place with the help of the brain, which, as it were, photographs reality and interprets it every moment. It follows that the essence of life is the process of thinking.

    Let's return to the concept of “the meaning of life”. Meaning is that in which there is a thought or a result of thought. That is, the meaning of life is the thought of life. But, as we found out earlier, life itself appears to us as a result of the process of our thinking. Therefore, the meaning of life is the thought of thinking. It turns out to be a tautology, from which we can conclude that nothing can ever happen to a person, except for the process of thinking.

    Thus, the concepts of “meaning of life” and” thinking ” are identical!

    If thinking is life, then life manifests itself all the more the more intensely the process of thinking takes place, i.e. the process of interpreting external and internal processes in relation to the nervous system.

    However, the question of the meaning of life will not be complete if we do not consider another important point – life expectancy!

    We can roughly divide time into subjective and objective. Subjective time is our sense of the duration of an event. Objective time is shown by the clock.

    So, subjective time is reflected in the process of thinking. In a state of low density of thinking, subjective time flows slowly in comparison with objective time. And with a high density and intensity of thinking, subjective time passes quickly in comparison with objective time. Thus, intensive thinking allows you to live much more in your own experience in the same period of objective time. The more voluminous a person thinks, the longer his life span is in the subjective sense.

    Now I will explain with an example that everyone has encountered. The road there always seems longer than the road back. Even if we are tired, the way back is always faster in the subjective sense. The fact is that when we go “there”, we see new objects in the external space, which are interpreted by our thinking. And when we go back, the road is already familiar to us, and therefore there is much less information for interpretation now, i.e. thinking occurs less intensively.

    Each new state of the brain is a new moment in life. The more brain cells are turned on in this moment, the more intense this moment of life is with life itself. And the more such moments, the longer a person lives. The subjective perception of the life span of some Immanuel Kant exceeds the subjective perception of the life span of the average person by several times.

    Conclusion: the meaning of life lies in the continuous process of developing your thinking.

  3. I don't agree! You can determine if you look at the history of mankind, the history of your ancestors.

    The meaning of life is to make it better for yourself, your children and other people.

    People can find other meanings either inside this Main Meaning. Or invent your own.

    If our ancestors did not have the Main Meaning – what would happen then? Sitting on branches or in caves?

    You are right that ” everyone has their own (meaning)”. This is because people's brains are littered with Information Noise. First illiterate parents, then kindergarten and school, university-add ISH.

    So the search for the meaning of life begins. It is a waste of time if we do not see the historical process as a transition from vegetating in all respects – to creating ourselves and our Best Life.

    In the USSR, most people did this. Without even thinking about the meaning of life. It was clear to them why they wash their hands in blood, why they cover the embrasures with their body. Why they go on the attack every day in their place.

    And now people live using the benefits obtained by their ancestors.

    And they are looking for the Meaning of life.

    Smart solutions in search of!

  4. Each person has his own mission, having fulfilled which he will support humanity. You will understand this mission by your vocation. What are you drawn to? There can also be several missions… by the way, here the matter is not limited to the profession, and sometimes the profession is not connected with the mission at all, but is given only so that you can support yourself. Perhaps your hobby has a mission in mind…

  5. Each has its own form, but in fact all have one, common. It also depends on what stage of evolutionary development you are at and what part of your nature you are realizing.

  6. I don't agree, because the question contains an answer, but there is no logic. If everyone has their own meaning of life , then what is the impossibility of determining it? You take and define your meaning of life. And what is not the same meaning of life for everyone: to find your place in life? I don't see anything impossible here.

  7. No, I don't agree. The meaning of life is satisfaction for EVERYONE. Just someone needs physical satisfaction, someone spiritual, someone intellectual. Achieving the maximum level of satisfaction of your request for life is the meaning of any life.

  8. Yes, it also happens that a person does not have a global meaning in life. And this is also normal. Not everyone needs to be a genius, make discoveries or earn all the money in the world.

  9. Each person is born with a certain task that is inherent in the karma of a person, but a person can achieve more. “Boundlessness would become a terror, The heart of the world an eternal prison, If fate chained you To the wheel With a merciless hand. But-no chains were imposed on you, Your will is stronger than any torment; There is no human sorrow in the heart of the world. Perfection is the goal of earthly paths. ” The author is not known. A person will be born according to their desires. With respect.

  10. I don't agree. The Meaning Of Life Is Evolution. But it is a voluntary matter. To do this, you need to become a person, if you are talking about us. And people live senselessly, having a practical goal – to die IN THEIR OWN WAY, helping others in the same way.

  11. Why is it impossible?

    Perhaps, but this value is elusive, because as soon as you understand your current meaning of life, it loses its relevance. And on the horizon, the silhouette of a new meaning appears, unclear, but so attractive.

    Even the Tao Te Ching says something similar – as soon as you bought your BMW, it stopped being your dream.

    As soon as I found my husband, I immediately lost this meaning of life.

  12. I don't agree. There may be a million secondary meanings and a small cart, but the main meaning of life is determined by the Creator of all mankind, God, who created heaven and earth.. In principle, He clearly stated this in His holy scripture (the Bible):
    Acts 17: 26-27: “Out of one blood He made the whole human race to dwell on the whole face of the earth, having appointed predestined times and limits for their habitation, so that they might seek God, whether they might feel Him or find Him, even though He is not far from each of us:…”

  13. Birds make nests because they want to make them. They don't know anything about chicks. The same desires govern all animals. People also make babies because they want to do it. I mean, through the analysis of desires, you can calculate the meaning of life.
    For example, look at how everyone has been thrown into the virtual world for a couple of decades.
    No one, no one forces, but everyone wants to. What's next?

  14. The answer is obvious and simple.

    The meaning of life is there.

    Only it is necessary to look for it not for everyone, but for a Person.

    As soon as the understanding of this comes, the answer itself will begin to suggest itself.

  15. It's impossible for me, but not because everyone has their own meaning. I just think that the phrase “the meaning of life” is a kind of language diversion. It was invented once by some joker. Or a poet-a seeker of unusual metaphors and juxtapositions. After all, according to our basic usage ,we attribute” meaning ” either to words and texts (what content is behind this set of signs), or to human actions (for what purpose a person does this and how it will bring him closer to the goal). And someone came up with the idea to transfer the word “meaning” from text and action to life. And after all, with such skill, with such dexterity of a magician, he did this that we do not notice the trick: we take the “meaning of life” at face value, for something meaningful. But life is not a text or an action. For most of us, at least.

  16. It is necessary to specify the issue. The meaning of what life, whose life? That is, the meaning of the life of an individual or his family, a clan or a whole nation, or the whole of humanity, or all living beings on Earth in general, or possibly all Life in the Universe. Further, what does the very concept of “meaning of life” mean? Usually, the meaning of something is understood as: what it is for. In other words, we will rephrase the question into a more understandable one: what does a particular person, family, race, people, humanity, life on Earth, life in the universe live for? In other words, what is the purpose of life?

    Let's start with the individual. What is the purpose of his life? Who sets this goal? The person himself or someone else. When a person is born, he has no consciousness. And he does not set such a goal. And parents, relatives, and society put money for it. For example, to raise an heir, a protector, a helper, a worker, or to please God. When he grows up, he can set his own goals. For example: start a family, please God, benefit society, meet love, have fun, etc. Society often regulates this process through education in the family, school, workplace, army, media, and art. What are the goals of the society? Sometimes they are conscious, sometimes they are not. The most active, developed members of society formulate these goals: politicians, scientists, writers, priests, etc. Finally, all of humanity is directed by leading figures and organizations, rulers, scientists, artists, and religious figures. Next, we move on to life on Earth. Initially, life develops, becomes more complex, and is formed in non-conscious organisms. And only with the appearance of a person, goals become conscious. For example: preserving and spreading life, improving it, and developing it. But whether there are goals and meaning is up to the person. It would seem not, because the development is spontaneous. However, in the development of life on Earth, there seems to be a reasonable plan for the development of life from the simplest forms to the mind. Religion claims that this plan is carried out by God. That is, God knows why he creates and directs life. That is, God has a certain plan, meaning, purpose in creating Life. Whether this is the case, we don't know yet. We do not know what God's purpose was in creating life.

  17. The meaning of life is a controversial topic, perhaps it does not exist at all, but here is the meaning In(!!!) life is completely different, what you all describe here, and it is different for everyone

  18. Error in the question – two opposite statements –

    1. The meaning of life exists : “everyone has their own way.”
    2. The meaning of life is impossible to define.

    Conclusion – you need to clarify the question.

  19. The meaning is generally indefinable. By definition. Anyone. =))

    You can determine the meaning, purpose, and reason, but the person always puts the meaning himself. Or it doesn't invest, and then it doesn't exist.

    I can understand your meaning, and you can understand mine, and in the process we can try to define it. Sometimes this helps, and you may feel that we are about to find “all the limits” and you can calm down… but deep down, we always understand that there is still “something”.

  20. Man is a living organism. It has behavior, reactions. Talkers believe that there is no point in freeing themselves from the laws of nature, from morality, from responsibility for their fate. But if a person is a thinker, he will understand what is common to all people, both in everyday life, and in thinking, and in deeds, and in culture. This is what unites all people. Health, benefits, and knowledge. Realization, cognition, pragmatics of life. There are not so many Chaosians, about 10% of the population. Such people refuse to manage their lives and strive to live as they want. Their desires, dreams, and tastes are the most important things. For most, the main thing is the meaning and rationalization of activities. Personality creates culture, and culture creates personality. This is the difference from monkeys. Thus, a person constantly grows a building of meanings throughout his life. And in the course of life, a person goes through its levels, goes higher and further. Structures and connections are being built. Life becomes more interesting and meaningful. Imagine the meaning of the life of a first-grader, student, adult, old man. Imagine the meaning of life of a mother of three children and a criminal, drug addict. The meaning of an officer's or businessman's life. There is a common thing that is the same for everyone. Life for the sake of pleasure, for the sake of children. Deprive the person of the opportunity to enjoy and rejoice. Or freedom, for life. And of course, group and higher meanings are built on top of the general ones.
    Let's say you have a million people. What groups will you divide them into? How many of these meanings are there? Ten? More. Make a list. And why, what reasons.

  21. I personally disagree with this.

    The meaning of life is what everyone needs.

    So, for example, one of the primary needs of a person is nutrition – which is necessary for survival.

    Undoubtedly, each of us in the depths of our souls, even if we do not realize it, wants and needs joy, happiness, freedom and self-realization.

    Even those who say that they don't want to live are really tired of this life, of their personal problems, of pain, suffering, of what prevents them from living a full life and causes inconvenience.

    The person thinks that there is no way out, it is too late and nothing can be changed, because initially everything went wrong. And in order, in his opinion, to end all his suffering in this life, he decides that the problem lies in life itself, and not in the sources of his suffering, which can be overcome if you really want to and make an effort to do so. With God's help, every person can overcome any suffering and difficulties and eliminate them forever. The blood of Jesus Christ is more powerful than any difficulty there can be.

    Since everyone has an inherent need for happiness, harmony, freedom, and self-fulfillment, we can conclude that the meaning of life is to achieve and preserve them. Everyone seeks happiness in their own way, in very different places and in very different ways, but they can never find it wherever they are looking for it – because happiness is not in dirty papers, not in running away from reality into illusion, not in self – deception, not in violence, not in self-affirmation, not in glory-happiness lies in God, and God is Love. If a person has anger, envy, if he harbors hatred for other people, if his heart is filled with cruelty, he will never be happy, because there is no place for love in his heart, he himself poisons his life with evil and negative feelings, anger, aggression, thirst for revenge, resentment, unforgiveness and other types of filth.

    If a person learns to truly love all people and live in love and harmony with the Creator and with His will, then only in this way will he be able to find true happiness and freedom and will never want to die, because he will already feel the full taste of this beautiful life and will not want to part with it and dissolve into

    Sincerely yours 🙂

  22. Everyone has their own meaning in life, but why? Let's start over. All such questions have no answers because there is no clear concept of what is my true self.

    Yes, we are all different, everyone has their own goal, their own meaning of life. But he is lost before the threat of imminent death, which comes suddenly and sometimes at the very beginning. However, let's remember the much-forgotten Soul, our immortal essence, our true Self. Then everything falls into place, explains all the questions.

    Our Soul comes to us from the spiritual world to the physical world, first choosing its life, future body, gender, parents, and even people with whom it will later have a close relationship. All this is necessary for her to live the trials that are necessary for her eternal, continuous perfection.

    The soul enters the body in the womb of the mother at about 4-5 months of pregnancy. Each soul chooses this time for itself. It's just that later it's difficult for her to make contact with the brain, which can frighten the baby and create difficulties in living together.

    There is another important point: after birth, the Soul's memory is blocked so that it can not use its knowledge and experience in this life, but has passed all the lessons completely without hints and distortions. After completing the mission, which lasts for everyone in different ways, as well as its goal itself, the person dies, and the Soul returns home to its spiritual world where it is waited for and met with love by kindred spirits.

    Here's a short something like that. Hence, the meaning of life becomes clear… I must also say that Souls, like people, are ALL DIFFERENT! Therefore, each needs its own thing, which it will then bring to its home, and this OWN THING is a necessary condition for eternal and constantly changing PERFECTION.

  23. Each one has its own, but you can give a general definition.

    First, about the meaning in general. Meaning has two different and somewhat opposite definitions. In the first case, it is assumed that the meaning of a thing is in the thing itself. This is an echo of the materialistic view of the world, where everything exists by itself, and therefore the meaning in the things themselves.

    In the second case, the meaning of a thing is that the thing finds a place and role in something integral and larger than itself. I.e., in this case, the meaning is relative and depends on the environment, on being included in this environment. For example, a mobile phone only makes sense in civilized countries and only where there is communication and electricity. For the Aborigines of Australia or the Amazon, it is meaningless. Well, if only as a toy.

    Now, if we take the first definition, then the meaning of life is in life itself, which means that life should be at the highest level, or that life is ultimately meaningless, because we will all die anyway.

    If we take the second definition, then life itself does not have any meaning, and you need to give it meaning yourself. You can only give it meaning by including it in something bigger, i.e. in the life of a family, team, community, project, city, country or civilization. Here someone has enough spirit and strength for what. So in this case, the meaning of life will be different for everyone, because everyone has their own place in the life of society. But at the same time, we were still able to give a general definition of this concept 🙂

  24. Everyone has no meaning in life, only everyone has their own path! But I have words (conversations) God, be in the mood to lead a spiritual and physical way of life and meet your end in this world, in purity of soul and health of mind!!——– as all the roads of the world lead to Rome! (there is such a saying) So all roads lead to God!!

  25. It is precisely because each person has his own meaning of life that it is difficult to formulate a common one that is suitable for everyone. Few people in their early youth think about it. Most people begin to comprehend their life path already in adulthood ( somewhere around 40 years), while others simply live without even suspecting that there is such a concept.There are people who almost from childhood know what they will devote their lives to, and someone, only at the end of their life, unfortunately, will realize that they were doing the wrong thing, lived the wrong way…So , it is just as difficult to determine the common meaning of life for everyone, as it is to strive to make everyone happy at once, in one moment!

  26. I fully agree, each person has his own path, his own destiny, which we do not know and cannot know, often people's paths intersect and come out differently, someone lives to the end, someone who has not been much together runs away, but the life path continues to go, everyone has his own.

  27. Why is it difficult or impossible to determine the meaning of life?

    The meaning of life: Learn and teach, ask for help and help. Don't contradict the Lord.

    It seems that he is all the same, just different fates.

  28. The meaning of life is not only that a person is self-sufficient,it is important to realize oneself in society,to be useful to him .Raising children who are worthy and able to find their vocation is the highest purpose of a meaningful life.

  29. I don't agree that it's impossible to determine.

    You have already said that everyone has their own meaning in life.

    Every community also has its own meaning of life.

    School life has its own meaning. In the life of humanity, its own.

    The meaning of life in general is development and distribution.

  30. I agree, it is different for different people, it may or may not match. The meaning of life is not something from the needs, but a certain primary goal, which a person remembers in the most difficult moments, for example, faith for many people becomes this meaning.
    I believe that in fact the meaning itself has no meaning, just some artifact of the work of the human psyche, if it were ideal, then a person would be guided by goals, tasks and needs, and not by something indefinite

  31. Why not…?)

    Very possibly…

    The meaning of life is to be happy and make others happy…if you want to give happiness, if you can do it…but you can do it, can't you?

    Everyone has loved ones who need attention and communication,so what's the problem…?

    Happiness – it is natural and of course, everyone is different,but to love, to be loved, to take care of someone and receive warmth,affection and attention in return – this is available to EVERYONE and everyone from the human race wants it, even in the depths of their hearts,but this is so, do you agree…?)

    Each of us needs,like air, water and bread, the magic contained precisely in human soulfulness and closeness, when you feel, understand and KNOW :someone cares about you, NEEDS you,NEEDS you…you will not be left, if anything, in any “apocalypse”, alone or on the sidelines of life…

    Everyone can be happy,the main thing is not to disappoint yourself in this, not to pass by it,your NEED …see your NEED and understand that IT IS MINE…

    If you look closely, you will see that all human passions are governed by two feelings-the fear of death and the desire for happiness…but in what forms…it's up to everyone to decide for themselves.

    But when looking for the meaning of life, do not forget that the basis of everything is that YOU are UNDERSTOOD, ACCEPTED and LOVED…and,most importantly, not because you have money, connections or something in the same format, but all this because, SIMPLY BECAUSE YOU ARE…And so it is, without embellishments and fake add-ons…someone who knows how to give warmth and accept it himself…

  32. The meaning of life is to live.
    How to live this life is decided by the person himself, there is no single answer to this question, all people are different, each of us has our own values, mind and life experience, thanks to which we determine our path

  33. Of course not possible, the point is that. what we create from our thoughts! And people's thoughts are different! When the Creator told me that he wanted to make us human, he only realized what the meaning of life is! Why did He do it at the age of 70? Probably, so that I would not despair of falling and rising, and falling again! For me, the meaning of life is to believe that I was created by a Superintelligence, and every day to say to it: What a blessing to know that you exist! And nothing else is needed! And to realize that you can't understand it makes me infinitely happy! Believe in it even after 70 years! It's worth it!

  34. There is no meaning to life,this is the definition of the saturation of life,its quality.everyone determines according to the goals of life, its speed,if a person does not determine it,does not set any goals ,directions ,then life is not clear how,I want to go,I do not want to ..I don't go,I do-I don't do it..A person wakes up,but there are no events in his head,there is no plan for where to go,it seems to him that it is boring,there is no saturation, quality,fullness of life…The meaning of life comes when you know why you came?The concept, comprehension comes when you begin to understand the structure, order, interaction in nature,you begin to understand what you are for,what you need for what,what you can do for it…Meaning comes when questions arise,and questions arise when you learn something new,and you can learn new things in different ways.Explore the world, new things and you will have meaning..And so we came to this world for the development of the essence (soul), and the body is perishable,it depends on the soul,and the soul,its development, on the body…

  35. Completely. V. Frankl wrote a whole book about this, “In the struggle for meaning”, called.

    Have you ever tried to ask yourself the question, not what is the meaning of life, but what is the purpose of my life? And having found a goal (something you enjoy), that will be your meaning of life.

  36. Life is meaning. Mammals, birds, fish, and insects live without thinking about the meaning of life. Does it make them feel bad:? Or is their life meaningless? I don't think. They are much happier than those who indulge in this philosophical nonsense. They have time to live. And that's fine.

  37. Can. We just need to agree on whose meaning we are looking for. But this is one meaning. Some kind of community – different, more nebulous. People…difficult. Humanity….I don't think we can yet. Only the Earth and Space know this.

  38. I agree with this statement 🙂

    If there was only one meaning to life, then philosophy would hardly become a science 🙂

    It is a pity that animals do not know how to speak, it would be interesting if their opinion on the meaning of life also differed from individual to individual.

  39. The meaning of life is impossible to determine, because it is a rather strange artificial structure. In fact – protection from the fear of death. If you accept the fact that you will die, there is no need for meaning. You just live with the knowledge that it's not there, and you're fine

  40. If we consider this question universally, that is, applied to all people, then we can say that the meaning of life lies in life itself, and since different people have different destinies, worldviews, values, etc., this means that a person can individually give his life any hypothetical meaning, even one that may seem wrong or erroneous to other people. Very often, the meaning of life is understood as some kind of illusion, especially if they are massively supported by the external world (society/society), which actually forms an abundance and a lot of different meanings, with which the individual subsequently identifies, often this happens because the person does not know who he really is, and the presence of the meaning of life as it gives confidence and satisfaction with

  41. In general, yes. The biological meaning of survival and reproduction has not been canceled, but it is inherent in all living things. People are also able to create personal meanings for themselves.

  42. The meaning of any person's life is to get pleasure. Only the ways differ: family, money, travel, and someone gets high from a hermit. Therefore, the meaning is the same for everyone, the methods are different.

  43. It is possible to consider the concept of “meaning of life” at the micro and macro levels. Micro is the meaning of life for each individual person, macro is the meaning of life for all of humanity. The meaning of life for an individual family, or for the family as an institution of society, can also be considered in the same plane. The same can be said about the nation, country, profession, and so on. Because in my understanding, the meaning of life is to understand what this or that thing exists for, starting from a single bug and ending with bugs as a general type.

  44. While we agree that everyone has their own meaning in life, we are actually saying that objectively it simply does not exist. But it is extremely difficult to verify that this is true. The situation is further complicated by the fact that almost every person at some deep level has a belief that everything that happens around them must have some meaning. And this, by the way, is one of the arguments in favor of faith in God.�

    In the religious picture of the world, the meaning of life for a person definitely exists, and it consists in finding God and accepting salvation through His Son Jesus Christ. Non-believers are forced to postulate that there is no meaning in nature and, moreover,that none of the meanings chosen by someone is better or worse than the other. Intuitively, this belief is very difficult to accept, and if you also live in accordance with it, it can easily lead to prolonged depression.

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