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  1. You can't just reduce everything to generalizations.

    There are plenty of people who have large families, many friends, and who have died violently.

    that alone refutes your strange theory.

    Not to mention that, of course, ” what kind of person you are forms part of the environment “of the people around you.

    That is, if you are a drunk who drinks with the same drunks on the last money and constantly climbs into a fight-chances are very high that one day the police will come to look at your corpse in the kitchen because someone from the company is very angry.

    But even if you're doing great, you run in the morning. If you don't smoke or drink, “it still doesn't guarantee that someone” who's having a bad day right now “won't shoot their guns at you” just because you're the first guy they see.

  2. What's so absurd? It feels as if the person asking this question is not familiar with the world at all, that even he has never tried to personally contact and interact with it.

    I wonder how the events that have taken place in your life relate to “what are you bringing to the world”? I admit that in some situations this can certainly be related, such as millions of money spent on charity and, accordingly, many people have a good opinion of the person who gave so much, but not always, far from always. Absolutely stupid question, many people in this world bring only violence, such as murderers, maniacs, rapists, etc., but no one punished them like that.

    Another silly question is what is not clear, but what is meant in general, or people's opinion about you and what you “bring to the world” or questions of justice and injustice…

  3. People, from the point of view of our world, are only clumps of temporarily conscious matter, in a single Ocean of matter. Total control of the Ocean is carried out by the Creator – from the position of the spiritual world. Humans have limited influence over individual locations of the Ocean, within the limits of the freedoms granted to them by the Creator. Every molecule, every atom, every speck of dust has its own specific resulting position, trajectory, state, formed as a result of previous actions, as a natural consequence of decisions made by someone (the Creator, or people).�

    The cessation of human activity in our world means the loss of consciousness by matter and the ability to influence the surrounding Ocean, the completion of certain tasks and powers, in accordance with the global plan of the Creator. At the same time, the love or dislike of others are unavoidable concomitant environmental factors, which, in themselves, may well lead to the end of our stay in our mortal world, being the final result of all previous events. But, regardless of this, there are many other factors that are just as natural and inevitable, which come in due time, ending the life of each person. Because of our imperfections, we are not allowed to see all the connections and resulting consequences in general. However, in some moments of life, we can calculate, or we are given a premonition from above, about “possible options” when we find ourselves ” at critical points, and we can choose the future path, in accordance with the freedom given from the Creator. Some information is hidden from us due to our inability to understand or accept it.�

    In some cases, it is possible for the Creator to intervene, or for people with His authority to do so, to raise the dead and prevent death. In other cases, due to the removal of the Creator's protection from the guilty, nature itself and unexplained natural phenomena can cause sudden death of people.

  4. One of the manifestations � attention �or love � if �want � so �to call it, is full �absorption �object �love �or � it �the exaltation �by �causing �him � physical �injuries and suffering.I �don't remember � where �it went, and I �of course against � �such attention) �However � life has taught �me to be everything �ready . Be �ready and you .Man is a very “difficult” creature

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