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  1. Women are more pragmatic and chaste than men. A woman loves with her ears-mostly the auditory meta map on which she lives. Men love women for their good looks. The more money a man has, the wider the choice. A man may look like an orangutan, but if he has a lot of money, then a beautiful wife is an axiom. Anecdote: “A tour guide in Paris is the Eiffel Tower, and over there are corrupt women…. – this is the Champs – Elysees, and over there are corrupt women…. – this is the Louvre, and over there are corrupt women. A question from the crowd of tourists – Do you have any corrupt women? “There is, but they are very expensive.”

  2. Of course, she will “find it out for herself”, but what kind of woman will it be? Money significantly expands the possibilities of choice, but the position must still be active, otherwise you will become a victim of hunters (hunters) only for money.

    Let's draw an analogy: let's say you want to purchase a certain product. If you don't have a lot of money, then your choice is very limited and you may not have enough money for the product model you want.

    If you have money, then your choice is much wider, but you still need to take an active position: consider different products, compare characteristics, decide which one is suitable for you, make sure that it is available to you (it was not discontinued, there was no buyer who was ahead of you, etc.). And only then make a purchase.

    If you go to the shopping center with a sign that says “I have a lot of money, I want to buy a product, fly in with your offers”, then only scammers and freeloaders will come at you.

  3. As always, when offering a two-way alternative, the third answer is missing, which is the correct one. From the height of life experience )) I can recommend that you look for a woman with money right away. Kill two birds with one stone and save time and effort.

  4. Controversial statement. I think it is obvious that the chance of meeting a girl who is attracted to your fortune more than your personality increases if you are the owner of a”fat wallet”.

    I would say the opposite… “Seek a wife in poverty, and live with her in luxury.”

  5. I think that many people simply did not understand the meaning of the statement. Here there is an opinion of “honest girls”, but with low social responsibility, as well as with the opinion about well-groomed and rich girls who are looking for something worthy of themselves, I can still agree. In general, the bottom line is that if you can't find someone, then don't try to do it. Focus on yourself, learn something, develop yourself-mentally, physically. The money in this phrase is just a good example.

    Focus on achieving a certain level of well-being and the girls themselves will be interested in you.

  6. I believe that for both women and men, the issue of financial literacy is crucial for success in adulthood. How to earn money – everyone decides for himself, but how to multiply it-this is a science that is not taught in the school curriculum.�


    I believe that the culture of owning finances is one of the most important things you can learn in adult life. Financially successful people are more attractive, hence the logic of the statement is confirmed.

  7. I don't agree, I watched French films, where they said in plain text: “Cherchez la femme”. Classic. And money is a dirty piece of paper that corrupts a person, be it a woman or a man.

  8. In my opinion, this expression is very, very controversial. I would say that in modern Russian realities, the “do nothing, and the woman will find you” scheme works well.
    By the way, most men act on it and are successful. And then the reservation “it depends on what kind of woman”comes.

    Now homegrown philosophers are actively spreading stories in social networks about the commercialism of women, about how difficult it is to find in this mortal world the only one who will love for the soul, and not for the purse.�

    In reality, there is such a type of women as kept women. They say to the man: “I will be yours in every sense, but you must give me all sorts of benefits in return, the rest is not interesting to me,” and he agrees to this arrangement. Everything is fair. These women are exactly what rich men want to see in their bed, but they simply don't want anything else. All offers of this kind are caused by demand.�

    But the rest of the women are already divided into groups according to their expectations from men. Someone is used to living well – these are well-groomed successful women who need an equally successful partner; someone agrees to less.�

    The problem of male “victims of commercialism” is that their demands for representatives of the opposite sex are too high. As a rule, they want a well-groomed, intelligent and rich companion, while they themselves are not. And they take in hostility the natural desire of a woman to have reliable support and support next to her.�

    But for such men, there are a lot of simple, but no less attractive women who are often no longer satisfied with a young (or not so) person and become victims of harsh criticism – “she's fat”, “ugly”, “triangle breasts”, “did not learn by heart everything that I like”, etc. – the list goes on endlessly.

  9. Yes, if we are talking about women who are exclusively mercantile and unprincipled, it is possible, but you can't say that about everyone. Some women and people in general are most often concerned only with the material state, only in this they find their happiness. But doing something yourself is always too lazy, so the easiest way is to find someone who will arrange your fate, but only the way you want. But what do such women most want? That's right, hang your beautiful or not so beautiful legs from someone's neck and live happily ever after.

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