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  1. No, I don't believe it. But it's hard to realize

    We haven't been in this world for over 13.7 billion´┐Żyears. Not at all. Galaxies formed. The Sun came on. There was no one there. The first unicellular cells appeared. Multicellular. But still, no one could think.

    We appeared. Who! Unreliable, weak creatures, but with intelligence and consciousness. Suddenly, we decided that we meant something. That we, not even a grain of sand in an unimaginably vast cosmos, were created by God. That the stars light up because someone needs them. That our consciousness is higher than everything around us, that it exists separately. How else? How can all our feelings, “love,” be just nerve impulses in our own brain? How can all our thoughts and experiences just disappear as if nothing ever happened?

    But why can't they?´┐ŻEvidence? Any background information? Nothing.The time will come when our consciousness will simply disappear. As it was not for the previous 13,700,000,000 years.

    Something like this

  2. I believe in an “afterlife,” or rather, eternal life after physical death, on the basis of everything that is set forth in the Holy Scriptures, and specifically and concisely formulated in the Nicene Sibyl of Faith: “I believe… to the resurrection of the flesh and eternal life.” What life looks like after death is unknown to anyone. Just to clarify: the plots drawn by Dante are colorful and impressive, but they are all the fruit of his rich and beautiful imagination.

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