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  1. science definitely gives the answer to this question. you can Google “locus of control”. both pass tests and read theory. http://www.psychologos.ru/articles/view/lokus_kontrolya

    As for me , I don't believe it. no circumstances, no traffic jams, or anything else can affect relationships in any way, because they are created by people themselves. caught in a lie – not the influence of fate, so the person is a liar. not met in the subway – not the influence of fate, it means that you can meet anywhere, anytime and with anyone.

  2. There is no need to believe. It's just like that. Check it out firsthand. It's not difficult, just watch what happens and how. But you need to dissolve in your own sensitivity of perception. Modern classics describe this simple method roughly in this way. And poets never lie.

    “…summer in a huge city fast nights for a sip
    singing too much where conversations where whispers
    you will come out to see firsthand how ordinary miracles are accomplished in half
    an hour of a warm Moscow night
    like lights along the river
    all put tongues
    drafts sing through the old door
    smoke draws an arc with coal
    over the car
    and how nice it
    is that someone else is traveling in it…”


    ..because fate
    is also ruled by the surf
    that will erase then leave
    someone with you

  3. Now it is very fashionable not to believe in fate. In the course of such phrases as “fight with fate”, “deceived fate” and the like.
    While this completely reflects a lack of understanding of the principle. Fate here is the whole sequence of your choices and you personally. And the realization of it is a completely superfluous confirmation that everything that is happening is not in vain. Everything leads to something, the world is not accidental and is subject to causality.
    And you are a part of this world, and your life is a consequence of this very causality and it certainly has a purpose.
    Which one? Who knows?..
    And to answer the question: yes, I do.

  4. Now I believe, then I don't believe, I've known a man for 15 years. And during this time, “Fate” did not just bring us together, it pushed our heads together. And now WE are already 2 years together. It's a shame we didn't talk earlier. So many years lost.

  5. Both yes and no!For some inexplicable reason, life breeds people-kindred spirits.It would seem – here he is a native person for life, your soul mate, but someone decided everything differently, it's not your fate! You can talk a lot and talk about this issue, bring astrology and philosophy, psychology, faith in God! This or that person deserves, for some reason, with his deeds and thoughts, the life that he has-who can give an answer to this question! Nobody! Believe in yourself, listen to your self – intuition, make a decision-do not change it!

  6. No, I don't believe it. And I don't advise you to believe in fate:)�

    More precisely, you should not believe that everything is predetermined: in a relationship or in life. This is not the case.�

    Relationships are an accident and this has its advantages, choosing someone we like or suit-this is our personal desire for the form of our image or desire. Next, it all comes down to how well people fit together in more important and subtle ways. So, it is more logical to define relationships only from the point of view of comfort and happiness. And not to form a false idea about the fateful combination of circumstances of both convergence and discontinuities. If you are happy-you will be fine, bad only if someone is not happy, within the framework of this relationship-well, it just happens. So he made the wrong choice and it's worth changing something.

    In life, almost everything depends on you. You can change or create a lot – and there are no barriers for you. The only thing that can determine the moments of your life is your clear awareness of what you are looking for, what you want, etc. Be guided by this and find the desired happiness in everything.

    Signs are more of an intuitive feeling – if your intuition “tells” you something, try to listen. But don't let your logic and intelligence leave you:)

  7. In a certain sense, I do. I don't believe that absolutely everything in our lives is predetermined, but on the other hand, I like to think that beautiful coincidences are not random. Just like it 🙂

    And about “breed” I will tell you a story. Once at school, I liked a boy, a high school student. He didn't look at me at all, we didn't know each other, and I didn't have the slightest chance of even getting into his line of sight. But then one of the teachers started organizing events, performances in front of different classes with poems and stories on some topic (I think, Victory Day), and I participated in them. When it was time to perform in front of 11 “A”, I was wildly happy about the opportunity to show myself, I thought, finally, he will notice me now, wow-wow-wow! He wasn't a truant, he showed up at school every day, and I saw him that day before first period and at recess before second… but he didn't come to the second lesson where we performed.

    I thought that there was some irony in this amazing coincidence. As if the universe has made it clear: not yours.

  8. No, I don't believe it. If there is “some force that can control our lives”, then isn't this considered a paranormal phenomenon? To believe in fate is like believing in ghosts or gods. Although yes, it happens when you think that fate itself brings you together, when you see this or that person in unexpected places. In fact, this is just an accident.

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