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  1. By virtue of my occupation, I still believe 🙂 But I want to make a couple of comments, instead of giving cases.

    First, absolutely everyone is engaged in autosuggestion. This is not some special skill (although it can be developed in this regard), it is just a feature of the fact that the leading way of thinking of a person is internal speech.

    Second, unfortunately, a person has the ability to suggest things that do not correspond to reality, and even potentially impossible in reality. For example, perfectionism is the belief not just that “I have to do perfectly”, but also in the very possibility of such a perfect performance.

    That is, we are talking about the fact that most often psychological help is not a suggestion of something, but a counter-suggestion: getting rid of delusional (in a broad sense) beliefs that the client systematically drives into his brain.

    Third, those cases when suggestions have a therapeutic effect are explained precisely by the fact that a person suggests to himself what is true (but he does not really believe in the truth yet).

    For example, a person who is anxious in social situations can go to get acquainted, periodically dispersing himself with suggestions “They will send me away, it's okay, I won't die and I won't even be very upset” and others on this topic.�

    After all, this is true, and it is true – people do not die from refusals to communicate, despite any panic. And over time, when the suggested ideas are already being experimentally consolidated, such a character can solve his problem.

    Something like this, from a professional perspective.

  2. Around 2008, my arm was broken in two places. In the city of Kurgan, the Ilizarov Institute was setting up a hand-held device. It was not possible to connect the fragments at one time, they took an X-ray and began to connect them in a new way, and the anesthesia ended! So-as the hand under the spokes was drilled with a drill, but the operation was performed by trainee doctors of about 35 years old. I asked them to leave it as it is. but the doctors said that the bones would not grow together correctly and then I would have to break my arm again, and without opening my eyes, I inspired myself with indifference! The operation was completed without applying a second anesthesia!

  3. Yes. I believe in the power of autosuggestion. But do you understand what you're asking? The fact is that there are auto-training technologies that are based on autosuggestion.

    There are self-motivation technologies that partially use autosuggestion. There are people who are inspired and autosuggested, who, without any techniques, without participating in trainings, inspire themselves with anything and believe in it. There are suspicious people who also suggest to themselves either diseases or some negative things.

    what do you mean?

  4. Yes, I believe in autosuggestion, especially since I had a chance to see it for myself. I got the desired result, but, as they say, there were nuances.

    So, all in order.

    My question when I came to the auto-training group was rather specific: I was annoyed by my husband's irregular work schedule. I will say right away that my husband did not give me any reason to doubt; he was patient with me and even somewhat condescending.

    However, I grew up in a well-ordered family, living according to the usual way: in the morning, mom and dad went to work, in the evening they returned at a certain time. Then followed a joint dinner with a pleasant chat, etc.

    Therefore, my husband's irregular working day was a strong irritant for me, but, as usual, family well-being depended on it.

    I decided to take matters into my own hands and went to an auto-training session, after checking the guru himself from all sides.

    A persistent positive effect was obtained after 10 sessions and the question arose about continuing, which I … refused.

    The fact is that the result was not spot-based. I felt that I was losing interest in my husband altogether and he was becoming indifferent to me.

    It was the same nuance that later made me very cautious in my approach to psychological experiments.

  5. I had a rather banal case when I was killed for a long time from parting with a loved one. Every day I racked my brain “will call-will not call?” well, I came across a video about how to use the power of thought to make a person remember you and remind you of yourself. I tried what the hell was wrong, and a few days later he called me and asked for my forgiveness. Although several months have passed since the breakup. Everything would be fine, but I tried in other cases (study, desire) and I succeed. The main thing is desire and faith.

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