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  1. An attempt to influence external circumstances with the power of thought may or may not succeed. Because it is often connected with other people, and they have their own thoughts and plans.

    But the facts that a person can influence his body by the power of this very thought are proven. Take any yogis or even those who have regained their feet after an injury, cured of incurable diseases, and so on. Better influence your own state of mind and emotions. Then everything will be more harmonious outside.

    Planning everything in your life would be boring, even if you could, because surprise, joy, development through the unexpected can only happen.

  2. During the reign of Catherine 2, a plague occurred in Moscow. The city is almost extinct. The capital was in St. Petersburg. Grigory Orlov volunteered to clean up the mess. He decided that the whole trouble of Muscovites is in fear. Fear kills them, not the plague. He quickly tidied up. Prisoners, in exchange for freedom, offered to bury the corpses. This is how the famous Vagankovo cemetery appeared. Organized hospitals. If he didn't have enough money, he gave me his own. He infected people with his enthusiasm. They stopped being afraid and went to work. In two months, Moscow defeated the plague.

    If it's not the power of thought, then what is it?

    You can watch this episode in the film project of the first channel “Mold”.

  3. I believe in the power of thought based on my life's experience. Once a young man kicked me hard in the ass. It was very painful. I wished him to fall off his horse, but I thought to myself that it wouldn't happen to him. I was working on a collective farm at the time. I was sent from the factory to pick potatoes. A car was passing by, and the horse got scared and threw him off. When he recovered, he said he would kill me. I was in a shed where they were putting sheaves of flax. I was standing on the sheaves under the roof. He couldn't get close to me. My mother often said that a word can kill a person.He started to rock the barn, and I knew I was about to be overwhelmed with the sheaves. The shed is old, and it's starting to crack. Through the cracks in the shed, she shouted at him to fall down with the cart. He was bringing sheaves from the field. On the bridge, the cart overturned. He was forced to catch all the sheaves or pay for them. Everything was spontaneous. I didn't expect this. He had just returned from prison and said that he had a small child. He was afraid of my wishes and we made peace. There were other cases.

  4. Yes. I believe in the power of thought. And I constantly see in practice how it works. This is especially cool for children. After all, they do not have so many complexes and stereotypes of thinking. like adults.

    A little story. My daughter's birthday is April 7.

    I asked her:

    • What do you want for your birthday?

    • I want it to snow, ” my daughter replied.

    And we live in Belarus. Snow in April 🙂

    • Daughter, you probably got something mixed up – I laughed.

    And so on April 7, I open the night curtains… And I see snow. Lots of snow. Everything is white. I couldn't believe it. But on this day it was possible to play snowballs. However, by lunch, the miracle disappeared))

    And my daughter laughs. It might snow on Dad's birthday, too. Don't you believe me?

    Just for a moment. At the husband DR on April 24. Usually we celebrated in the forest on kebabs, sometimes we sunbathed and even swam.

    But this time… snow + hail again.

  5. I believe, even as)In fact,everything around you is completely neutral.Only you can give an assessment of what is happening.What it will be (negative or positive) is up to you.And another interesting observation:an atom is 99.99999% energy and only 0.00001% matter.It follows that everything is energy.Everything in this world obeys the law of attraction,which means that the positive attracts its own kind,and the negative …as I like to say “enjoy your life”; -)

  6. There was such a case in my life. A familiar girl – young, beautiful.Then everything from her story.

    She often imagined herself as an English lady of the 18th and 19th centuries, wearing a bowler hat and carrying a walking stick. Such “imaginings” continued for her for a sufficient time and now…At the age of 19, she falls off a horse (she was engaged in equestrian sports) and falls on her back!

    I recovered a little from the injury, but I will fall for the second time in a somersault while running on an asphalt path.

    And now, from the age of 19-20, she can barely walk…with a wand!!!

    Is the thought material?

  7. No, of course this is all nonsense galimye. It's just that people have nothing better to do and start making up stuff. You don't have to believe them. Otherwise you'll think through everything in your life

  8. Before my eyes, quite a lot of inexplicable things happened. Here, for example, is an example. I wrote about it in a blog. I don't know if this is foresight or the power of thought, but both options are appropriate. There is also a premonition, which can also be said to be the power of the subconscious – respectively, the power of thought. I won't repeat myself, just follow the link. There was also one mystical encounter in my life. But – not about the power of thought, but about the power of the word, and about the negative force that destroys.

  9. I once became interested in the technology of NCI (neuro-computer interface), it implies the connection of the human brain and the computer. Believe it or not, this is a realized task – people use their thoughts to move parts of prosthetics (for example). This happens due to electromagnetic waves coming from the head and received by the computer. I have a feeling that this area will develop, and people will be able to control electronic things in everyday life with a simple effort of will. I decided to Google on this topic and was afigevshiy-Sony develops TVs with NKI so that you can control them “mentally”, buys games based on this technology for huge grandmas, and so on. And in the future, it will be possible to control a humanoid robot located, for example, on the Moon or Mars.. This technology is also used by Russians, which surprised me, Professor Kaplan at one of the lectures-you can find a video on the Net, in 10 minutes he learned how to operate a radio-controlled typewriter…I know this isn't exactly what you want to hear, but it's real-what human Thought can do. I recommend you to read an article on this topic�


  10. You know, as soon as it is not called names: materialization, visualization, self-programming, signals to space, consider the phenomenon as a spiritual practice, and as witchcraft and witchcraft, and from the point of view of psychology, and even science. (read about the Otto Schumann experiment)

    The bottom line is that it works.

    The simplest explanation on the surface: you constantly think about the subject, the object, the goal, keep it in your head, which means-one way or another, strive for it, and at least something to approach-you will take action. It is clear that some thoughts will not do here.

    There are various rituals aimed at attracting the desired, both everyday (the so-called visualization board) and magical (but here already for the amateur).

    There are results of such practices that can be explained logically, but in my life there have been quite strange and poorly explained stories from the point of view of logic. For a long time being alone, without relationships, purely “for the sake of experiment” I tried to “attract” into my life a fictional image of the future companion, thought out to the smallest detail (eye shape, taste, occupation, skills, character traits, hair color, family relationships, hobbies, I even drew a silhouette, hair color, their length, rings on both hands). There were no rituals or other nonsense, apart from the intention itself and frequent reflection.

    Six months later, when I've already forgotten about it, it literally knocks on my door. When I opened it, I wanted to scream and slam the door – but I wanted to connect the Internet more.

    Believe it or not, but tell me, what is the probability that a Russian-speaking, black-haired, curly-haired half-gypsy with blue strands, four rings and other things that coincide to the last percent with the “far-fetched” set of basic characteristics just happened to look at me?

    skeptics – please take it as a funny everyday story, knowledgeable-explain what the hell)

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