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  1. Yes. No matter how correct it is, you can find an approach to each person, a loophole. Even though she is a nun and has made a vow, temptation, the forbidden fruit is sweet.

  2. Myth. :-)))) What does “dilute” mean? If a woman doesn't want to have sex with someone, she won't do it. If a woman wants to, but “breaks down”, then perhaps you can, but I think now girls are not stupid, if she understands that you are breeding her, oh, you still have to try twice to “breed” her. Such women are treacherous. And if a woman wants to have sex with you and does not “break down”, then she will “divorce” you herself.: -))))

    It's just that most women, smart women, know for themselves what they want and what they don't want. And if she does not want to initially, if she does not need it at all, then there is no “divorce” or “divorce”. She had already made up her mind from the first minute. :-)))) Whether you will have something to do with it or not.

  3. Coming out of the question, it turns out that the girl does not want to have sex a priori, and you are looking for a way to persuade her to do this, deceive, or otherwise force her. If this is really the case, you'd better not approach the girl.

    If you just didn't choose the right words and want to ask if any girl can like you enough to have sex with you, then the answer is no. First, there are asexual girls who are not interested in sex at all. Secondly, there are lesbians who are only interested in other women, and the male body simply does not attract. Third, there are girls in happy relationships who will not cheat, even if they are seduced by their favorite Hollywood actor.

    If you take heterosexual single girls who are looking for sex themselves and get pleasure from it, then for sure you can sleep with any of them, showing her respect and attention. The main thing is to be honest in your intentions.

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