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  1. Everything that is done is for the best. Just not always to your liking.

    But seriously, any event is a new experience. And, as you know, experience is never superfluous. In one form or another, it will be useful to you one day. That is why I think the phrase “Everything that is done is for the best” is fair.

  2. Yes, I do, and I always do. Even if something doesn't look very good at first glance, then it turns out to be actually for the best.

  3. I will answer from the point of view of Arnold Mindell's procedural work. The universe is always trying to find a channel to communicate with us. There are many channels: health, relationships, money, society, events. And all events are not an assignment, but an indication and an ally.

    A professor at the Zurich Institute for Process Work gave us an example. The man in his youth was an athlete skier, showed great promise in sports. But at the age of more than 20, he was diagnosed with a spinal disorder. I had to forget about sports forever. As a result, 2 years of depression, acquaintance with Arnold Mindell. Now, many years later, he is a professor of psychology, a highly respected specialist in Switzerland. And he recalls those years, saying that the disease has become an ally on the path of self-determination. If it were not for the disease, then most likely, according to him, he would have been a retired athlete. And now he is happy to help people in his profession.

  4. Not quite. Sometimes there are situations that require you to take some actions, but the person for some reason can not make them, and then begins to regret the missed opportunity. Now it occurred to me that such a phrase could have been invented by people who are trying to justify situations that they could not influence in a timely manner.
    On the other hand, if you think about it, the phrase justifies a person who does not want to be responsible for their future actions and therefore does nothing. He leaves everything to chance.

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