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  1. The category of belonging (property) is very important for every conscious person: if you understand its meaning, the question asked is eliminated.

    Here is how the character of “Letters from Hell” by C. S. Lewis talks about this (letter # 21 on the website of the priest responds. Russian Federation) :

    ..The sense of ownership is always good for us. People now and then claim such property rights that there is fun in heaven and hell: this tendency must be encouraged. In our time, it is not uncommon to abandon sexual abstinence, imagining the “ownership” of their body – this unknown and unreliable dwelling, where the energy that created the worlds where a person enters and from where he is evicted against his will is bubbling…

    The material for such a feeling is not only pride, but also thoughtlessness. We hide from people how the meaning of the possessive pronoun changes depending on the subject – starting with “my shoes”, to “my dog”, “my servant”, “my wife”, “my father”, “my lord” and “my country”, to “my God”. You can teach them that the meaning is always the same, the meaning of “my shoes”, the meaning of property.

  2. Life is given to me. I received it at birth, and possibly at conception, or somewhere in between these two processes. Accordingly, I, by definition, can not belong to it. A person consists of two main entities: physical-the body with all its physical components. And the energy-Soul with all its energy components, which includes Your – I – Personality as the main one. The totality of two entities with their components is the life of a person in this “world”. In the process of finishing the “measure”of a person's physical life activity, the Soul (the main “part” of it) passes into another “world” – where a kind of transformation takes place. Your Soul is a divine particle. Therefore, in the physical life, “Life” belongs to you, after-to God.

  3. Life is a process. This is changing us. naturally, we are the main component of this process (after all, someone else's life does not interest us, and has nothing to do with us? except for a few exceptions.) And at the same time, life is us in this world. Without life, we would not exist. Life is the most valuable thing that we have, without it we simply would not exist. Naturally, OUR life belongs to us. After all, we can also refuse it (and we do not have the right to dispose of someone else's life.). So the conclusion is that yes, life belongs to us. Like the body, mind, and personality. And other paraphernalia that proves we're still alive. Do we belong to life? This is a ridiculous question. After all, there is no life without us. I don't even know how to put it. If we don't belong to life, then to what? Death? There is no other alternative. This is a question that doesn't make sense.

  4. Life belongs to me for one simple reason. I always have the opportunity, if I wish, to part with it.

    In addition, I can adjust my life, manage my desires, thoughts and feelings.

  5. It depends on your life position, and it can change.

    If a person flows with the current, then it is not clear whether he belongs to Life or the Swamp at all. But if he grows up and begins to actively make decisions and implement them, then Life begins to belong to him. Although there may be the opposite situation – an active person of action under the influence of an addiction or a tragic event breaks down and begins to go with the flow of events without affecting them…

  6. very stupid question. neither one nor the other. You are life. There is no boundary at all, all that is is life, every person is life, it is like asking whether I belong to action or action belongs to me, no-You are this action, and action is You

  7. Before the emergence of consciousness, I belonged to life. Now life is more of my own. But there are still factors of life that are too big for me to deal with – a meteorite fall, pandemics, etc.

  8. Well, here everyone has it individually. Of course, it is impossible to answer unequivocally because life is not subject to us and we are one hundred percent unable to answer what will happen to us in the evening. But personally, I believe that life belongs to me.

  9. For me , it is a mutual affair: I influence reality by doing things; reality affects me by pushing me against events. To look at life as if it belongs to me is like considering yourself the center of the universe (and why should I?); to look at life as if I belong to it is a route in the direction of” inevitability of fate”, fatalism and powerlessness to change anything. There is a third route, in the middle.

  10. If you think that the glass is half full, then life belongs to you. If you think that the glass is half empty, then you belong to life.

    There is no clear answer to your question. Everyone is different.

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