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  1. 1) I'm not trying to be perfect. This is not possible by definition. Nothing real is perfect, these are antonyms.

    2) In my opinion, “lack” is not the quality itself, but the impossibility of choosing. If I can behave timidly, I can act boldly, and I can really choose exactly how I will manifest myself right now, then timid behavior is not a “disadvantage”. A free choice of behavior pattern.

    If I can be careless, or I can be pedantic, neither is a disadvantage. Etc.

    Here is the answer to your question. Development as an enrichment of the repertoire of skills, states, and behaviors means adding both tools and the ability to choose. Without any loss: all the old things remain with you. If you choose it, you'll develop it and launch it. No, well, no. Your business.

  2. I have long decided for myself that self-improvement is not the desire to be perfect, it is the way to yourself, finding the state in which you are comfortable with yourself. Achieving this state is the real way to be confident and have peace of mind.

  3. This is an absolutely unacceptable point of view, promoted by people without willpower, who are afraid of changes and getting out of their comfort zone. If a person has gangrene – you need to saw off the leg, and not deliver snot about “losing a piece of yourself”, right? So it is with the psyche. If there is a flaw that causes harm to both its owner and others, why bother with it as with a written bag?

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