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  1. Not right now.

    It used to be. And, interestingly, you have listed all these components very accurately. Literally everything that you mentioned in parentheses was experienced simultaneously, as if you had asked about me!

    I got rid of all this in the process of a massive systematic study of my limitations. He removed the emotional charge from all the subconscious roots of all these feelings – meaninglessness of life, lack of freedom, etc.

    I had to go through all these things and see them firsthand. Previously, they were simply covered with a layer of “positive”, and I preferred not to see any of this.

    And then the positive layer was torn off, and I had to start a “war” with cockroaches in my head. Fortunately, over time, I achieved a shift of consciousness, and the war stopped.

    The key realization was that my ego designed all these things for its own purposes, such as to give me a chance to be bold and feel sorry for myself for being so poor and miserable.

    And at the same time attract the attention of other people – even if it is negative attention (let them prove to me that I am a nonentity).

    If you are currently in this state, then I strongly recommend that you do a massive cleansing of your mind from all the subconscious roots of these negative feelings. Otherwise, you will continue to live like this, just at best learn not to notice these things.

    I used this technique of deprogramming the subconscious mind. It works with all the contents of the mind, which allows you to reach out to such deep things as spiritual alienation, existential crisis, etc.

    I wish you success and all the best in life without any hard feelings!


  2. I felt the meaninglessness of life. And I accepted it as a fact. But the bottom line is that technology has become the meaning of my life. I literally fused with it, into a homogeneous alloy. And I began to live it.

    I felt unbelief. And I accepted it. As a result, I realized the meaninglessness of faith. And I began to believe in myself. No one and nothing will make me more comfortable than myself.

    I felt a crisis of values. I accepted that, too. And in the end, I have my own values. Which I created for myself. I created the values that are closer to me.

    I also felt a lack of freedom. But I didn't accept that fact. Here I struggled. I fought for my ideas, for my ideals and principles. I fought for myself. As a result, I feel more than free.

    Any “alienation” can be resolved. Something is worth accepting, and something is worth acting decisively, and sometimes radically. The main thing is to make a choice in your favor, weigh the pros and cons of a particular decision and make a verdict.

  3. Yes, I am experiencing all this. For a long time, to be honest, more than five years. Disappointment. The disappointment of being born in ancient times. That the humans were crabs in a barrel, pulling their struggling companion back with their claws. That there is no such thing as good, all power-hungry, demoniacal dominants, I'm ashamed to say it, I know it's ridiculous, infantile. There is no powerful mind. Why, I ask, do movie stars invest serious money in the research and treatment of the rarest disease from which the younger brother died, but do not think not only about immortality (so much I do not ask) , but at least about a radical extension of life? When I realized the immensity of stupidity, I was truly afraid. And empty, because I realized that humanity doesn't even care about its own life. Humanity doesn't really care.

    While I'm still objectively young. I live, but is there a chance to live up to something good? Before the real breakthrough? Unlikely. My head is very quiet. Hands dropped.

    Empty, not interesting house with fallen plaster.

    At the same time, this attitude makes it clear that sooner or later the monkey will fill Shakespeare's sonnets. We should pray not to our ancestors, but to our descendants. They will definitely understand and overcome everything. For billions of years.

    But then there is resentment-why not me? Why wasn't it me? Why didn't you happen to be born at the right time? There is a bitter envy for the path that I am not destined to pass. And happiness was so possible.

    I didn't appear in a complete wildness when I didn't even realize what I had, but I didn't appear in a scientific paradise either. I was born when humanity was just beginning to settle down for a powerful leap into this high-tech paradise. And it depresses me.

  4. I don't know what to do with it. But it's interesting to see where this leads. I will continue to fall to the bottom. Enjoying the flight. But it feels like there is no bottom…

  5. From time to time. Partly because there was a religion in my childhood, the meaning of life was seen in salvation, and then religion lost its meaning, but there were some voids that were previously filled with things that were not suitable for me now. It seems to me that the fact is that stress accumulates and accumulates, no matter what you do – work, study, answer questions on The Question, and I get little pleasure from my studies, because I don't know how. Hence the fatigue and sense of meaninglessness from all your body movements. I'm doing what I wanted to do, where is my happiness and self-satisfaction? I think we need to remember what it was like as a child. Learn to be happy, surprised and admired. Keep in mind that I do not do everything I do for my own pleasure at the last moment, and not just for nothing. I also want to be able to get into the recreation space. Be able to relax. I think to spend more time in nature, she lives quite differently from us, is absolutely beautiful, and I'm not completely comfortable in nature, but somehow the sense of belonging and meaningfulness is sharper.

  6. No, nothing like this has ever happened to me,is not happening, and will never happen again.

    For as long as I can remember ,I've never been bored ,even by myself, and I've always been busy with something.And there are a lot of people around me who are close in spirit.Life is interesting and there is no time to get depressed.That would be all in time…this is the problem…but we will also try to solve it…)

  7. I feel this way from time to time. I remember a few things in this case:

    1. Any state is temporary. Retention and consolidation of states in the body and in the form of mood occurs in the process of thinking about this state, i.e., drawing conclusions based on thoughts about the state and an external or internal assessment of this state.

    Output example:

    I'm depressed because nothing ever works out for me

    Example of an internal evaluation:

    I have depression and it's very bad.

    Example of an external evaluation:

    People see that I'm depressed and see how pathetic I am.


    I feel depressed and probably entered or am entering a state of depression. If I just don't think about it, don't think about my qualities about it, don't evaluate my mistakes, but think or do something completely abstract, I will soon calm down.

    Yes, people have psychophysiological diseases based on a malfunction in the body, or a peculiar work of the body. And in these cases, the method of “not thinking about your state and not evaluating your state” helps to some extent. But still, when something is wrong in the body at the body level – this is quite rare. Basically, the reason for the “sad” state is our thoughts, so think only about the good.

    2. Any state can only be entered and can only be exited.

    This means that in order to stop feeling the current mood, state, you need to move to another emotional state. If you try to discard the current state, it will become even more stable.


    I feel sad. I don't want to feel anything, but I need to think about something good for me. About something joyful, fun or fervent, about something that ignites me or inspires me. About something insanely exciting and magical.

    3. Switching through thoughts is the most effective, but it is better to help yourself and improve your lifestyle( sleep mode, food). You need to understand that for a good emotional background, it is enough to generate a stream of good thoughts with good results, outcomes, and dreams. If possible, it's best to reinforce them with lifestyle improvements. This way you will achieve results faster and better.

  8. if you feel all this, take care of your health. the range of causes can be very wide – from thyroid dysfunction and hormonal imbalance to the onset of clinical depression. the sooner you find out the exact cause and the sooner you start treatment, the easier it will be for you to get out.

  9. I feel it very often. I do not intend to do anything, because the psychologist is a schmuck who inflates the price and does not try to help the patient. There's only one way out: live on until I get old or tired of it. To die is terrible, because it is the unknown, to live is terrible, because it is suffering. There aren't a lot of options here.

  10. Yes, all of the above.

    I intend to move on with my life, get as much pleasure as possible with as few negative consequences as possible, try to understand why this is so, be a grumpy and rude old man in the body of a thirty-year-old man, use the word dick in polite society, and if you don't go with the flow, then take a course so that it doesn't interfere very much.

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