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  1. Personally, I am inspired by different things, so it can hardly be called a “method”.

    Any situation that causes an emotional outburst, regardless of whether it has a positive or negative beginning.

    Aesthetically beautiful phrases. For example: “make the right choice”, “crackle by the fire”, “green chrysalis” are some of the most inspiring for me.

    High empathy, due to which you can create a certain image of a person with his experiences, or adapt to the real situation.

    Finally, I want to say that inspiration is different for everyone, so you should not look for the only sure way to motivate yourself to create.

  2. I upload good music to the player (classics, M83-Outro and the like, Hans Zimmer, etc., the main thing is no gloom) I choose a sunny day, preferably a weekday, so that I can meet fewer people, I go to the forest, eat 4 grams of Roskomnadzor and catch inspiration and new ideas.�

    And for everyday life, there is really enough phys. loads combined with books / music/movies

  3. Guys, scientists have already worked on this issue and studied creative thinking. And then they came up with TRIZ, lateral thinking, and many other cool creative techniques. Google and read, it's interesting.

  4. Full, absolute, 100% acceptance of the information flow. Water follows the easiest path…Absorbing, steaming ideas are born) Each new offer comes by itself, without any search. I do not know a better inspiration than the taste of life)

  5. I listen to music, take in the details of my surroundings. For example, on the street in the tile road, snow, tree foliage and how each leaf sways in the wind. And in general, Pushkin's words that inspiration comes during work are justified every time.

  6. love.

    love that has no support from the other side is one – sided.

    it's like an addiction, it doesn't let you in, new thoughts arise in your head, fresh ideas of the world, in the shackles of this terrible feeling.

    sometimes there are black ideas, sometimes light ones.

    all from love, but only non-reciprocal.

  7. There is such a method, although it was used only a few times, but this is enough to tell you about it. It is called “mental map” – a visualization technique. You can read in detail how to compose them and what they are used for, but the main principle is this: on a piece of paper, you need to write or draw a symbol for your problem, topic, or keyword (depending on what you are looking for inspiration in). �Draw branches from the keyword and place words or objects on them as well. Based on the principle of associations, maybe. And so you need to expand the topic until it is exhausted. Unlike a banal list or diagram , this action is more creative and really helps you find inspiration, formulate an idea or action plan.

  8. First of all, you need to remember the time when you were inspired, when you had a strong motivation. It is important to close your eyes and clearly recreate all the visual, auditory and kinesthetic sensations of the moment when you were motivated – how you talked, what you said to yourself, how you looked at things, what you touched, how you did it all. You will immediately feel this state.

  9. I will tell you how I generate design ideas, but I hope that this method will suit you as well. The first thing you need to do is to be positive, because often when thoughts do not come to mind, you can fall into despair, and sometimes even into depression. If this is sorted out, then let's get started:

    1. Generating ideas. I do this: I take a piece of paper and write in the center of it the word for what I need to come up with an idea. And after that, I draw an arrow and write an association with the original word at its end. And so on until I stumble upon something interesting. Congratulations! – the idea is found and you can implement it, but if there is a problem here (the idea itself is good, but there are few thoughts), then you can proceed to the second point.

    2. Search for inspiration on the Internet or on the street. The first option is suitable for many, but the second is not for everyone. So, let's take it in order:

    * Internet connection. Here everything is simple – you are looking for specialists or topics of the task you need and see how someone solved a similar one to yours. And based on it, you come up with your own version (you should not plagiarize – this is bad and does not solve your problem in any way).

    * Street and establishments. Sometimes it is enough to take a walk or go to an institution and see live how someone came up with an idea. But it is still suitable for creative professions, and especially for designers.

    Here are some thoughts on your question, I hope that something helped 🙂

  10. I think that you can find something like this.

    I have a similar one.

    Colors. Brightness. Beauty. Music. Reflections and much,much more…

    You can draw from everything. The main thing is to think about something and new ideas will come by themselves.

  11. This is going to sound weird, but I'm washing dishes. I rarely part with headphones at all, and washing poskda, especially a huge amount of it, is no exception. The sound of water being drowned out by music, hands covered in foam, the smell of apple faerie, and the absolutely monotonous mechanical action-all this somehow sets my brain to generate new ideas that appear in my head completely suddenly. So try to combine the pleasant with the useful 😉

  12. Very much there is!

    First of all, all brilliant ideas come when you don't expect them at all. I have all the notes on my smartphone filled with some brilliant phrases that I will someday (maybe) use in articles/posts/smart conversations.

    Secondly: I don't know about you, but in my case, brilliant ideas are generated exclusively at night. My friends / comrades are no longer surprised by the morning calls with the phrase ” Listen, I couldn't sleep here. In short, I made it up.” And if the idea is completely different, I can terrorize you in the dark of night with messages on social networks. Inspiration!

    So for me, the most effective way is insomnia. At night, you lie there like this, and there's nothing to do but brainstorm. The main thing at this moment is to fix all your thoughts, otherwise they have an offensive property – to disappear. Thanks to insomnia, I came up with a project, won a grant for it in the Territory of senses, and now I am implementing it.

    In principle, there is another option – inspiration from music/movies/books. Pretty corny, but still. And also conversations! Just choose the right person to talk to. Joint brainstorming is more effective: you can better structure your thoughts in a dialogue, and the other person can immediately point out “gaps”in your thoughts.�

    To summarize: IMHO, inspiration is a sudden thing. And you won't be able to schedule his arrival (for example, on Thursday from 10 to 12), although you would like to. But you can try it: watch a motivational movie (there are plenty of collections on the Internet), read a book (I'm in favor of fiction – it motivates me more abruptly than non-fiction), listen to music (for example, I write articles only for classics. Especially Debussy).

  13. No matter how trite it may sound, but on a full stomach it seems much better. I began to notice that if I come up with something, I get annoyed quickly from futile attempts, so I'm hungry. After eating, I immediately find ideas and start working with renewed vigor.�

    I write down thoughts and ideas. I reread it and sometimes create something new out of a few ideas. Moreover, it is important to write down outright nonsense. After a while, it will be an inspiration for something more appropriate.�

    At the art school, there was a task to fill out an a4 sheet with patterns. Now, by the way, it is very popular (all sorts of anti-stress coloring pages work on the same principle). Whether the brain turns off, or from special idleness, this method suggested various creative thoughts.�

    Have you tried drawing feelings? And in general, something that does not have a material embodiment? Also a good method. The emphasis here is on developing creative thinking. There is another way. You can even use it as a game. Take 2 absolutely unrelated things. For example, socks and space. The task is to find something in common between them (socks and space are black, we wear socks in pairs, it looks like planets and their satellites, the mystery of the loss of one sock is as fundamental as the question of the creation of the universe, etc.)�

    And the last method. I don't know if it's a joke, but completely different and unfamiliar people (so it's hardly a setup) told me that the way they stand on their heads helps them. I haven't tried it, but it might come in handy in an emergency 🙂

  14. Shower. For some reason, it is the best place for thoughts to come. Or a bath with the water turned off. Or an empty room. This is probably a kind of meditation. Thoughts are filtered like ads by the ad block. If you do it at night or just in the dark, then it's generally fine. Here the adblock plus internal is already enabled. You can catch thoughts and ideas easily and simply. But it is even better to think about the theme of the work, and then give in to meditation and develop this topic, thanks to it. In times of difficulty with writing, I use two other methods::
    Surf libraries and read synopses. With the world on a thread, so to speak. This is one time.
    And two-I appoint myself that tomorrow I will write a chapter. About what, I don't know. Then this day comes, I go to work and an idea arises in transport.�

    Use it

  15. Basically, we are what we read, watch, see, and hear people talk about, and this is reflected like nothing else in our creativity or other activities. I often wander senselessly around the Internet, catching a bunch of new information and transferring it to where I want to transfer it. Emotions from something are very easy to convert into work, and this gives a fairly excellent result. Often I was helped by the method of < < complete purification><complete purification>>. After a hard day, my head is usually already filled with all sorts of nonsense, because of which I do not want and do not “can” do something. Then I just sit down and mentally get rid of unnecessary information, as if releasing it. Meditations or just rest, during which you do not think about anything, also help. After this < < purification> < purification>>, new ideas rush into your head like a whirlwind.

  16. In the evening, like all people, I go to bed, try to fall asleep, and if during this period my head is visited by any interesting thoughts, then I just overdo it, get out of bed and capture my thoughts on paper.

  17. One of these methods is to fall into a trance, for which various kinds of ecstatic techniques can be used. For example, shamanism. I had a friend who, when drunk, began to beat the tambourine, beat the drum, and dance all sorts of theomistic dances.

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