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  1. Everyone has such songs, but they are different for me personally at different times. Here are just a few of them:
    The Pixies – Where Is My Mind
    Caravan Palace – Lone Digger
    Bjorn Berge – Hush
    Beastie Boys – Sabotage
    Matchbox Twenty – Put Your Hands Up
    Fall Out Boy – Immortals
    Adele – Rolling in the Deep
    Saint Motel – My Type
    Modern Paranoia – I'm A Bird
    The Black Keys – Lonely Boy
    The Prodigy – Invisible Sun
    The Pretty Reckless – My Medicine
    Imagine Dragons – I'm So Sorry
    Scott & Brendo – Knock the Dominoes
    Anna Kendrick – The Cup Song
    daKooka – Mood
    Moby – Natural Blues
    TJ Stafford – Get Up
    Kasabian – Underdog
    The Beatles – I Me Mine
    Pilot Hill – The Uprising
    Sum 41 – Noots
    Noize MC – Yes Future

    And of course
    , The Lonely Island – Everything is Awesome

    Many of these songs are associated with some kind of good memories, others I like the motive. But they all work as they should)

  2. To each his own, but here's something that will definitely cheer me up:)

    MØ – Kamikaze

    Marshmello – Summer

    Robin Schulz – Sugar

    DNCE – Cake by the Ocean

    The New Division – Kids

    Skrillex – Doompy Poomp

    Duke Dumont – Need U 100% (Jauz x Marshmello Remix)

  3. It seems to me that the perfect answer has already been thrown up by Piccher himself.�

    Kendrick Lamar-I-Beautiful lyrics and music video

    and all as a hand removes, at least in my case

  4. Led Zeppelin – You Shook Me
    Funkadelic – One Nation Under A Groove
    The Doors – Whiskey, Mystics and Men
    The Doors – The End
    Black Sabbath – Black Sabbath
    Jimmy Castor Bunch – Hey Leroy
    Country Joe & The fish – Bass Strings
    Pink Floyd – Be Careful with that Axe, Eugene
    Queen – Somebody to love
    Frank Sinatra – Fly Me To The Moon
    Glen Miller – In The Mood
    Dunaevsky Isaac-Song about the Captain

  5. Always and everywhere , in any place and in any situation. A song that has been cheering me up and inspiring me for at least 6 years . The Killers–Mr. Brightside

  6. A bunch!

    4 non blondes- what's going on;

    Zdob si Zdub-saw the night;


    The word alive-lighthouse;

    K.I.Z.-was willst du machen;

    Nothing but thieves-wake up call;

    Public enemy-harder than you think;

    Parov stelar-catgroove;

    Let it go (ost cold heart) in all versions!;

    And many, many more different things:)

  7. A few Pink Floyd songs. There are some pieces that give you hope and faith in the future. Brain damage, hight hopes, shine your crazy dimonds, marooned, sorrow. The music and voice in them remind you of the best in the world. Something between pleasant sadness and rising from the ashes. It's like you're lifted above everything else in the world.

  8. Many people here make whole lists, but I will only name one song.

    For a long time now, Depeche Mode – Suffer Well-always saves you in a difficult moment. At first, it was the impact of a melody that was a little out of character for the band's work in recent years. And when I was finally able to understand the text, everything finally fell into place.

    There's also an absolutely amazing music video for the song. Be sure to check it out

  9. Recently, I became interested in the work of such an artist as Young Thug.

    There is some energy in his songs that raises the mood,you want to start dancing and endlessly shake your elbows.

  10. If the mood is spoiled by someone, then “Auktyon-Bird”. Because of the words ” Nothing to fight for, nothing to share, all about one thing….should I be angry? There, outside the window, is a bird I, a bird” and “I'm so happy, I'm so glad that someone is happy”

    If you are simply not in the mood, then “Old friend – New day of the calendar”.

    And if you have depression and a feeling of loneliness, then “Auktyon is a Road”, because “I am my own sky and moon”

  11. It's raining men, Hallilluya, that can pull me out of my blues!! It's raining, men are falling from the sky! Hallelujah!!

    Nothing else matters, Metallica. “Nothing else matters”.

    Arias from operas from difficult moments rather take me to another reality. For example, Carmen sang: “Love is a rebellious bird that no one can tame.” �


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