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  1. I think it's important to accept and understand that everyone has their own story. And always what is visible, external success in any issue hides many aspects that you will hardly want to envy. Create your own story. And only in it will you be truly happy

  2. Only one option, in my opinion, is to find out what you are envious of and why, and then achieve the same or even more. A person will not be jealous of what he does not have if he does not need it. It is unlikely that anyone envies a person who does not have parents, or a girl weighing 184 kg. If you are jealous of Marinka because she got married and lives in a big house with her family , you will also have to find a groom and have children. You won't be jealous now , because you have it. Moral: become better than the person you envy, and you will be happy.

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